Simploring 2018 (6) New Babbage in Winter

January 7th: Port Babbage in Winter

After I discovered Babbage last year (read here “Simploring 2017 (92) New Babbage“), I had a short chat with Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington). He advised to see New Babbage in Winter… and so I did Sunday, January 7th. Eleven connected sims all set to Winter with heavy snowfalls, that’s quite impressive. On my first visit I just got a little small insight into this Steampunk world. And with my 2nd visit now, my insight is still very small. I landed in Port Babbage and walked from there to Babbage Square, New Babbage and Wheatstone Waterways. I enjoyed the views and the atmosphere, I took the elevator to the top of the high tower at New Babbage just for the view.

January 7th: Babbage Square and New Babbage in Winter / a view from the top of the Tower at New Babbage.

I went into some halls, stores and pubs. And I saw Hawksley Pumping Station. Inside the building you can see the big pumps and the wheels are turning. There’re some pictures of pumping stations in the physical world (Papplewick pumphouse and Crossness pumphouse) that have inspired for building the Hawksley Pumping station.  I looked up both pumphouses:
The Papplewick pumphouse was designed in the early 1880s to pump millions of gallons of clean fresh water every day to the rapidly increasing population of Industrial Nottingham (read more here).
Crossness pumphouse weas built by Sir Joseph Bazalgette for London’s sewage system and opened in 1865, it is a Grade 1 Listed building and features some of the most spectacular ornamental Victorian cast ironwork found in the world today (read more here).
And Hawskley? Well, Thomas Hawksley (1807 – 1893) was an English civil engineer of the 19th century, particularly associated with early water supply and coal gas engineering projects. Hawksley was one of the leading British water engineers (source: Wikipedia).
Visiting these pump stations must be really inspiring for Steampunk enthusiasts.

January 7th: Hawksley Pumping Station in Second Life (upper row) / RL pictures of Papplewick Pumphouse and Crossness Pumphouse exhibited in SL and taken from the Internet (middle row) / Wheatstone Waterways in Winter

As I said, I really just saw another small piece of New Babbage, it’s just too huge. You can spent easily several days just to see all buildings and each of them is built with love for the detail. I hope to find the time for some more simploring tours to New Babbage.

Thanks to Vic Mornington and all others who built New Babbage and who keep it alive and share it with us all.

Landmark to Port Babbage
Papplewick pumphouse
Crossness pumphouse

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