Simploring 2018 (7) Green story

Tuesday, January 9th, I went on a simploring tour late night after Jenny had already left. I looked up (link is listed on the sidebar under Other links: SL Destinations or read here) and choose Green story as destination.

Green story – overview

The sim’s name “Green story” is misleading, there’s no green. Instead Green story is a larger sandbank somewhere up in the North, something that doesn’t exist in the physical world. It’s cold, it is snowing, it is windy, the sand is covered with snow where the wind hasn’t blown it off.
The island is dominated by a big lighthouse with an attached scaffold, which purpose isn’t comprehensible for me. At the foot of the lighthouse, is a small hut and from there a broken railway track leads to an old railway car, that is used as a home.

First impressions of Green story

The rest of Green story is mostly empty besides some elks and goats. On the top of the dune you’ll find a windmill. A bit away from the main sandbank is a small island with a campfire and an empty residential shed. Up in the sky is a suspension bridge held by ballons, that might connected the small island with the main island before it got loose and went up in the sky.
With the sim’s windlight settings you see northern lights everywhere that produce a very pecialatmosphere together with the permanent snow falls.

On the top and at the foot of the lighthouse at Green story

Green story is created and owned by Dior (rich.canis) as far as I could find out. The landmark description doesn’t contain too much about the creator’s intentions and ideas “You have to relax here. You have to think here. You bank here another memory.”

At Green Story: the old railway car and sitting at the campfire on the small disconnected island

Green story is pure fantasy, a mix of several fantasies, a bit like a dream that doesn’t make sense often. There’re several really cosy spots to sit and to mediate looking at the northern lights and warmed by a fire. The snow storm at the top of the scaffold is not really inviting but the view from the top is great and luckily in Second Life you don’t need to protect yourself against the cold too much.

Green story: the suspension bridge and other impressions

All the inconsistencies of Green story, of this artful creation, give reason to dream and to mediate, to let your mind wander or to simply enjoy the beauty of the northern lights and of the atmosphere.
Thank you Dior, for sharing Green story with the public. I enjoyed my visit!

Landmark to Green Story

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