Simploring 2018 (9) Ivy Falls

Once again I selected my destination for a simploring tour following Inara Pey’s blog “Ivy Falls in Second Life“. Ivy Falls is a full sim, built by Kere Delcon and Rekka Berchot, it’s group owned, the group founded by Rekka, hence I assume Ivy Falls is onwed by her or by her and Kere. Ivy Falls is a stricly adult sim. It consists of two parts, one public part and a private part, the latter being separated from the public part by a pond. You can only reach it taking a boat or now during Winter by walking over the frozen pond. Please respect privacy and don’t go there.

Ivy Falls overview and gliders at the landing point

The public part is very picturesque and predestinated for those who have a passion for taking pictures (like me). You’ll find many spots with a great view or where you can cuddle, sit or mediate. There’s a lot to discover.

Teleporter tour exploring Ivy Falls (1): Gliders (upper left) / Bar (upper right) / Beach (lower left and right)

The landmark to Ivy Falls leads you to the top of a rock from which you have a good view over the sim. you can either take the teleport system to travel around or you use the glider up there and begin your exploring with flight around. I did both :-).

Teleporter tour exploring Ivy Falls (1): Campsite (upper left) / Sauna (upper right) / Bath house (lower left) / Boat pier (lower right)

The center of the public part is a small village with a lighthouse, a bar, a cafe, a gallery, and a barbershop, a bit aside of the center a bathhouse and a gym. On the other side of the village’s pier there’s a big beach with some beach houses. And if you take a walk outside of the village to the other side you can find a campsite and a sauna.

Ivy Falls bar and dungeon

Besides that I enjoyed the views and the love for details, with which Ivy Falls is built, the nature and the great views, I also focussed on the adult part of Ivy Falls, that is not only based on potential nudity at the beach during summer. But the adult part isn’t obvious on a first glance. Most prominent is the dungeon, which is in the backrooms of the bar. The bar itself is very nice and cosy, and of course I also liked the dungeon, which is really classic and offers enough opportunites for play.

Exploring Ivy Falls: Bath house (upper leaft) / Gallery (upper right) / kinky wardrobe (lower left) / old chapel (lower middle) / Barber shop (lower right)

But the dungeon isn’t the only kinky element. At one house I found a wardrobe which is just a hidden rack and naught me tried it out. I didn’t test, but I assume that the gym offeres some spots for play as well as the bath house might do. Looking for adult fun you should also try out the furniture of the many cosy spots. All of them offer not only cuddling animations but also adult poses and animations.

Impressions from my visit to Ivy Falls

Overall Ivy Falls has something on stock for everybody, be it kinky or not. For example the glider or roaming around with a boat, enjoying the nature or a coffee in the center of Ivy Falls. It’s beautiful and perfectly set for Winter right now. I intend to have a look at it in Summer or autumn again. I enjoyed my visit. Many thanks to Rekka and Kere for sharing the sim with the public.

Landmark to Ivy Falls
Inara Pey’s blog post “Ivy Falls in Second Life”

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