Simploring 2018 (11) Flying Coyote River

Following Inara’s blog post “Flying Coyote River in Second Life“, I visited Flying Coyote River on Saturday, January 27th. The full sim is owned and designed by Lila Rose (masha.eilde). In her profile I found this description about Flying Coyote River: “People keep asking me, “what’s it for”? And after thinking about it, all I can say is, “what ever you want it for.” Folks are welcome. Hanging out is welcome. RP is very welcome. Nothing formal or managed or prescriptive. Just don’t mind me if I’m moving things around.

Flying Coyote River – an overview

It is really hard or maybe impossible to find a clear purpose of Flying Coyote River. There seems to be no plan nor a fixed theme. The landing point is it the center of the sim on an island in the middle of the river that devides the sim into two pieces. From here you can start exploring. Scattered all over the sim are houses, huts and places to live. Some are easy to find, some are hidden (like a cave). But all are furnished and look inhabited. You find ruins (also used for living), art, a broken and a working lighthouse, an old train, that is covered with plants, a huge broken doll (you might recognize it, I don’t) or a broken crashed airplane.

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (1): landing point (upper left) / the pool (upper right) / the broken doll (lower left and right)

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (2): an inhabited hut from outside (upper left) / from inside (upper right) / the caroussel (lower left) / inside of the lighthouse (lower right)

Exploring Flying Coyote River is really fun. You walk over suspension bridges, ladders and steep rocks always looking for something new to discover. Although there’re so many living places, you feel like being in a wilderness. Plants have grown over ruins and taken back territory. I took many pictures, that may give you an impression what to expect when you go discovering yourself.

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (3): broken and working lighthouse (upper left) / broken crashed plane (upper right) / train waggon (lower left) / train wreck (lower right)

Flying Coyote River is an adult sim. But I didn’t find much adult stuff. Maybe some of the furniture includes adult animations. Just in the lighthouse I found some Shibari racks, but that’s it. There might be more, left to discover for another visit.

Impressions of Flying Coyote River (4): the tower (upper left and right) / the piano (lower left) / view from the lighthouse (lower right)

Thank you Lila Rose for providing Flying Coyote River to the public. It is really a different place offering so much to explore!

Inara Pey’s blog entry “Flying Coyote River in Second Life”
Landmark to Flying Coyote River

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  1. Masha Eilde
    Feb 04, 2018 @ 23:50:30

    Thank you so much Diomita! What a lovely review – and wonderful pictures! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit.


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