Simploring 2018 (16) The Silent Mind

For my simploring tour February 11th I selected The Silent Mind from SL Destinations, which is described as “a quiet, cozy place. Everyone is welcome to spend a nice time there, whether in romantic togetherness or just to enjoy the surroundings“. The Silent Mind is a (moderate) homestead sim owned and designed by Belfana.

The Silent Mind – a quiet, cozy place

The Silent Mind is a green island with some hills, a small beach, two ponds and one group of higher rocks with a waterfall. There’re not many houses, just one residential home, a house boat and the hut, where you land when visiting The Silent Mind.
Paths lead your way over the island. The atmosphere is really peaceful, the light is natural, the colours are inviting. When exploring you begin to dream. You will discover a few animals and some of them are from a fantasy world like the mermaid horses.

The Silent Mind – an overview

Along the way are many many places to sit and to mediate or to dance or just to be with your loved one. I’m sure that I didn’t see them all and I didn’t try them out all. In Belfana’s profile I found the poster for The Silent Mind “Celebrate Love”, a motto fitting very well to this sim.

Impressions of The Silent Mind (1) – Landing hut (upper left) / Love sign (upper right) / gazebo (lower left) / beach (lower right)

A bit outstanding is a little greenhouse that peeks out of the sea, I assume that the way to is flooded due to the high tide. From there as well as from a sandbank close by you have a lovely view on the island. Another point of interest is the gazebo, the right place to dance while having a nice view over the peaceful meadows and hills.

Impressions of The Silent Mind (1) – sea house (upper left) / mermaid horses (upper right) / house boat (lower left) / waterfalls (lower right)

I enjoyed a hour of exploring, taking pictures and enjoying the peace. What a nice place, perfect for a short time-out within Second Life alone or as a couple.

Impressions of The Silent Mind (3) – Diomita enjoying quiet moments – kink meets romantic

Thank you Belfana for sharing The Silent Mind publically.

Landmark to The Silent Mind

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