Simploring 2018 (17) Zany Zen Railway

Recently I read a post about the Zany Zen Railway on Mona Eberhardt’s blog “The unique, scratch-built narrow gauge Zany Zen Railway and its creator“. Mona interviewed her friend Zen Swords (ZenriaCo Resident) about her baby, abouth the Zany Zen Railway or shorter the ZZR.
It is always fascinating for me to read about the passion and creativity of others in Second Life and to explore it. In the interview Zen reports about her struggle to find a fitting place for her railroad and about the beginnings of the railroad. The ZZR is a narrow gauge railway with 4 stations that extends over 4 sims on Second Life Mainland.

The Zany Zen Railway covering 4 sims with a 20 min round trip – at Somdari station

The train, the four stations and every detail is made with love for the details. The train is annonuced at the stations and it is really fun taking a seat and driving with the train. The only downside is that the surrounding doesn’t fit at all. ZZR is build on mainland and the environment is either just flat and empty land or ugly buildings. In addition there’re many skyboxes and platforms in the air that destroy the view. But if you focus on the train itself, ZZR is something you should see. In particular I enjoyed my visit to the museum at Seogyeo station. There I learned about the narrow gauge locomotives and waggons in the physical world, which were rebuilt by Zen for Second Life.

Comparison of narrow gauge engines and waggons in real life and in Second Life

I travelled with the ZZR from Somdari Station
Voice in your head whispers: Welcome to the Zany Zen Railway 🙂 Second Lifes Friendly Little Line. Passenger Service is Due every 20 mins. There is both a Gift Shop and Museum up at Seogyeo Station. Please check the events board at the left of the entrance for up and coming events.
I came to Ahndang Station and to Seogyeo Station….
Seogyeo Announcer: The ZZR Passenger Service Has Arrived At Platform 1 And Is Stopping For 1 Min
Seogyeo Announcer: For Passengers Disembarking here there is a Museum and the ZZR Gift Shop.

The Zany Zen Railway – impressions from my journey

At Little Coverston Station the train stops and returns back heading to Somdari Station. On my way back, I stopped at Seogyeo Station and visited the museum and the gift shop.
Visiting and traveling with the Zany Zen Railway is really fun. In particular I enjoyed the museum and looking at all the little details at the stations and at the train itself. You just need to blind out the surroundings.

The Zany Zen Railway – at Seogyeo station and at the gift shop

Thank you Zen Swords (ZenriaCo Resident) for creating the ZZR and good luck for your further work with it.

Mona Eberhardt’s blogpost: “The unique, scratch-built narrow gauge Zany Zen Railway and its creator”
Landmark to Somdari Station
Landmark to Seogyeo Station (muesum and gift shop)

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