Simploring 2018 (18) La Perla – a short trip to Italy

Once again I picked the destination for my simploring tour on February 19th from SL Destinations. I decided to make a short trip to Italy and visited La Perla, a nice and cosy old city inspired by the real city of Tropea, Italy.
“Tropea is a municipality located within the province of Vibo Valentia, in Calabria (southern Italy). The town is a famous bathing place, situated on a reef, in the gulf of St. Euphemia connected with the mainland by a narrow strip. It has about 6,500 inhabitants.” (source Wikipedia)

Pictures of Tropea in Italy

La Perla is owned by Addy Hax Hax (Addy Hax). From his profile I took this text about La Perla:
We are very proud to present you a beautiful italian village with its own unique mediterranean style. The idea was to present something special to the residents of Sl, based on the love for southern Italy.
Spend your holiday in SL. It´s free, it´s beautiful and it doesn´t take money to get whereever you want. What about Italy for example? La Perla is a place to relax, to have fun and to meet people from all over the world. Book your holiday now, it´s just a mouseclick away! Enjoy, explore 😉

La Perla – overview

The landmark to La Perla takes you to the central court with some shops, a gallery, a bar, and the town hall. I first visited the town hall where I saw some pictures of Tropea, Italy. That was a good start. From there I began exploring. I walked through the streets and it really felt like being in Italy.
You can walk into some of the houses and there’re some stores. The textures are selected very well and thus everything looks natural. I went to the habour and to the beach and then upstairs to the probably oldest part of La Perla which is located on the top of a steep rock. There’s another court and a church, a real romantic place and obviously it is used for weddings. For sure not the worst choice if you want to marry in SL.

Impressions of La Perla: Central Court (upper left) / Town Hall (upper right) / pictures of Tropea, Italy, shown in the the Town Hall (lower pictures)

Leaving the town I found a park or garden and a nice place to sit and dream (there are many more places for that in La Perla). From there my exploring tour led me to the mansion district. The villas are private but nice to look at from the street. From there I returned to the central court.
Hidden in a corner of a back road I discovered an erotic gallery. Oh dear, naughty Diomita seems always to find these spots *winks*.

Impressions of La Perla: in the town (upper left) / at the harbour (upper right) / at the beach (lower left) / inside of the old village (lower right)

La Perla is just beautiful and picturesque. It exsists already since 2009, yet for me it was new. There’s also a blog about La Perla.

Impressions of La Perla: the old village (upper left) / court at the old village (wedding place) (upper right) / erotic gallery (lower left) / Diomita relaxing at the public garden (lower right)

La Perla is right place for getting away from everyday life and to recover on a short virtually trip. The way Addy Hax built a little Italian town within Second Life is impressive by it’s nativeness. I really enjoyed my short trip and filled my batteries. And there’s for sure a lot more to explore and discover at La Perla.
Thank you, Addy Hax!

Landmark to La Perla
La Perla blog

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  1. John
    Feb 27, 2018 @ 19:16:23

    Reblogged this on KULTIVATE MAGAZINE.


  2. Addy Hax
    Feb 28, 2018 @ 19:45:50

    thank you for visit us…Addy Hax…the Owner from La Perla


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