Diary 2018 (36) March 1st – The gang

Thursday, March 1st, I met with Mistress Jenny in the late afternoon again. I had to wear an otfit similiar to hers, a black catsuit with a corset and latex shorts and black overknee boots. Mistress Jenny and I both wore a full set of cuffs, keys out. Clearly Mistress seeked trouble. We went to Domme a Domme and later shortly also to Heavy Bondage Club, but none noticed the keys. Hence we caught up about all of our news and read some profiles. The hour with Mistress flew by quickly.
Just as Mistress Jenny needed to leave, slave Kelly came inworld. I looked after her when Mistress Jenny had left. I took her out of the pit but instead of kissing my feet, she just stood there. Incredible after months of education!

It became even worse because we got a visitor. How embarrassing when a slave disobeys in front of guests! I took my belt and blew off my anger. That helped to enforce the simplest rules again. I left slave kelly leashed on the porch of our house, when I was done the spanking.

March 1st: Diomita spanking slave kelly with the belt

At night I went to a short simploring tour (tomorrow’s entry is about it). Returning home I met Angelique and slave Flo in the Shangri-La and I selected something new to wear for Angelique. I myself was still in my casual simploring outfit.
We went to the house because Angelique wanted to show me a selection of new clothes that she got for trying out – and I should select which one she may buy and keep.
We were about to begin the fashion show, when a friend of Angelique came for a visit. One of “the gang”, how Angelique calls the other members of the Little Princess Ballet Academy. And this friend, Wendy (rahinah), had a reason for her visit. She insisted that Angelique lives in a prison and wanted to rescue her big sister.

March 1st – pictures of a varied night: Diomita with Angelique and slave Flo at the Shangri-La (upper left) and at home with Wendy (rahinah) (upper right) / Angelique bringing Wendy to the guest room by the dancefloor (lower pictures)

Angelique told me that Wendy is a bit crazy. For sure, Angelique doesn’t live in a prison, instead she has her own room at our home. But yes we have some guest rooms. And Wendy asked for a guest room. I granted Angelique to take Wendy to our best guest room with sea view and entertainment every Friday night. And Angelique brought her there …. and locked the guest room.
Oh ….. and Angelique had another accident just after she brought Wendy to her room *sighs*. Luckily I could take Angelique to the nearby waterfalls for peeing, but her panties and pantyhose got all wet and she needed to change.

Time for the fashion show finally. Angelique showed slave Flo and me several new outfits and I selected a transparent plastic dress. Together with pastic panties a perfect and safe outfit for Angelique.

March 1st – pictures of a varied night: Diomita and slave Flo watching Angelique presenting new clothes (upper pictures) / Diomita, Angelique and slave Flo with Erin and Crystal Standing in front of the guest room with Wendy inside (lower left and middle) / Diomita with Angelique at club DeLust (lower right)

We went back the guestroom, where Wendy got more visitors, more girls from Angelique’s gang, Erin and Crytal. We had some banter and teasing, before slave Flo left to bed and Angelique and I went to club DeLust to wind down a bit. Most probably we will see some of Angelique’s gang at the party the next day.

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