Simploring 2018 (21) Bardeco & Kekeland

I had time for another simploring tour, Monday February 26th, and selected “Bardeco & Kekeland” from SL Destinations. Bardeco & Kekeland is a full (moderate) sim, consisting of several islands. On the main island is a town, some parts and a larger peninsula are only land are is only developed to a lower level. But very everything is run down and looks dirty, broken and shabby. I recently found the expression “shabby vintage”, that fits to Bardecon & Kekeland as well.

Bardeco & Kekeland – overview

The sim is owner by Belle des Champs (Bridget Genna) and was built by Dandy Warhlol (Terry Fotherington). Exploring and discovering Bardeco & Kekeland takes up some time as there is a lot to see. Many of the bulidings are not just facades but you can walk in and often they are furnished down to the last detail. There are two larger bars “Bardeco’s”. One is on a seperate island, where you’ll also find an old industrial complex, a small beach and a houseboat. You reach this “Bardeco” from the town walking over a steel bridge. Just the sign “Coffee Shop” indicates that there’s a bar.

Impressions of Bardeco & Kekeland – around the landing Point

Impressions of Bardeco & Kekeland – around the “Coffee Shop”

The second Bardeco is easy to find from a bird eye’s view. It is located underneath the town and has access to the water. The entrance is at the main street though, from where you walk downstairs to the bar, which is quite cosy. I met Dandy Warhlol, who built “Bardeco & Kekeland” there and we had a short chat.

Impressions of Bardeco & Kekeland – the Bardeco underneath the town

Also worth a visit is the abandoned villa on the peninsula. It does not only look abandoned from the outside but also from inside. It reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Pyscho” villa, just the motel is not close by. There’s a thick layer of dust on the furniture and many spiderwebs. It looks as if none stepped inside for years, well done.
The little details make the difference. On my way to the abandoned villa a saw an old bicycle laying just close by the way in a bush. All these little details make Bardeco & Kekeland particular – and there’re many more, but I haven’t seen most of them.

Impressions of Bardeco & Kekeland – the abandoned “Psycho” villa

Bardeco & Kekeland offers a lot of good views for taking pictures, it offers also many possibilities to sit and watch or chat. It has the “shabby vintage” charme as well as it offers the two nice bars. And Dandy told me that they do have events in the bars sometimes.

Various impressions of Bardeco & Kekeland – the industry complex with the house boat (upper and lower left) / the brocken lighthouse (upper right) / Diomita releaxing in a backyard (lower right)

I can recommend a visit as there’s so much to see. Thank you Bridget Genna for providing the sim to everyone, thank you Terry Fotherington for building it. Well done!

Landmark to Bardeco & Kekeland

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