Diary 2018 (39) March 5th/6th – Kinkploring

When I came online on Monday afternoon, March 5th, Mistress Jenny was at Psi’s realm with slave kelly. We left her there in a cell and went to the Heavy Bondage Club to have some eye candy while we caught up and Mistress had me by her feet.
Our night began with a spanking. Angelique cheeked me twice during the last days, hence it was about time to correct her. I simply laid her over my knee and used my bare hand, Mistress Jenny and slave drone Flo watched.

March 5th: Diomita spanking Angelique, Mistress Jenny and slave Flo watching

As soon as I began, Mistress Jenny suggested that I should protect my overknee boots with a towel and of course she was right. Luckily Angelique had no accident during the spanking but nonetheless my right overknee boot has a stain now *sighs*. We played one round Skipee again and ended our night at The Secret House.

March 5th – the day in 3 pictures: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita (left) / Diomita and Angelique (middle) / Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique at The Secret House (right)

Tuesday night, March 6th, for once started at club DeLust where Mistress Jenny and I went to pick up Angelique. We chatted a bit and to my surprise Angelique could avoid an accident and reached the toilet in time.

March 6th: Mistress Jenny. Diomita and Angelique at club DeLust

Then we went kinkploring. I had two places on my list, the first being “The Apostasy“. Angelique knew this place already, I myself had been there once before. From the description it’s an adult sim, “a community where slaves are slaves” and tagged with “Femdom, BDSM, Maids, Maid, Pony“.
There’re several villas and a large pony track. The sim is group owned, the group founded by Trouble (Maitresse Demina). They also rent out homes. More interesting for us was one villa, Hiltop Manor, that is dedicated to the training and education of maids. It seems to be a successor of the fomer “Bound Maid” institution in a different form. We might send Angelique there one day or recruit a maid for us there. Anyway, I’ll have a further look at “The Apostasy“.

March 6th: A visit to “The Apostasy” and Hiltop Manor

The second place we had a look at was “Days of Atonement“. It’s landmark description read attractive “a place where slaves learn to obey and serve“. It’s also group owned, the group founded by Alhejo. The place is really nice and picturesque. It looks like a palace garden with a large garden house and offers some opportunities for togetherness. But there was none and the kinky part of it is for group members only. We found a teleport pad, that was restricted to group members.

March 6th: A visit to “Days of Atonement”

We went home, had a round of Skipee again and ended our night visiting Domme a Domme and Psi’s realm. And that’s it for the diary.

Landmark to The Apostasy
Landmark to Days of Atonement

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