Diary 2018 (79) May 8th H@S closing

We spent most of Tuesday night, May 8th, shopping. Mistress Jenny and I got a message that H@S is going to close and they offer their clothes with a 50% discount until they close. Mistress and I both have a latex dress from H@S already and we wanted to take a look. Angelique accompanied us. The choice of clothes is not that large but what is sold at H@S is of a good quality and fits to our style.
I got another latex dress, a casual dress with a jacket and very nice latex lingerie in mesh (not as appliers). Mistress Jenny and Angelique also got a new dresses.
Then Mistress discovered a vendor for hair and she saw some hair for herself and for Angelique. Both tried demos and both got a new hairstyle finally. I admit, that I like Mistress’ new style as it looks a bit more strict *winks*, Angelique’s new hairstyle is a bit wild and fits to her temper.

May 8th: Angelique’s new hairstyle, Mistress Jenny’s new hairstyle, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, Angelique and slave drone Flo at Mesmerize Dungeon

When returned home we picked up slave drone Flo and went to Mesmerize Dungeon to catch up with RL and Sl news while looking at some eye candy. And that’s it about Tuesday night.

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