Diary 2018 (78) May 7th The pear

Monday, May 7th, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. I showed Darkness Estate to Mistress Jenny and gave her a short tour. We took our slave drone Flo with us. And Mistress did discover some more rooms, which I missed on my first visit (read here).

May 7th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and slave drone Flo at Darkness Estate

At night I found an offline message from slave kelly who is suffering for Mistress Jenny and me at Lochme. We have her leashed in a cage there. But this leash is not attached to her collar or cuffs, it is attached to her serious plug, which is spreading her ass painfully. The serious plug in Second Life is also available in real life and slave kelly does have a clear picture of it and she also has pictures and a video of it. Hence she can fully dive into this experience ….
slave kelly screams in anguish and frustration, helpless to do anything but endure the cruel device and humiliating public display. She sobs defeated, knowing she must suffer until her Mistress returns…..the same Mistress who put the evil device inside her and chained it and her to the cage and left her there…..knowing deep inside that the only person who will end her suffering is the same sadistic woman who caused it……the harsh reality glaring at her…..she is a slave and a pain pet of Diomita Maurer……..she moans loudly, the suffering and anguish morphing to the dark arousal of belonging to Diomita…….Diomita…..she repeats the name over and over again until she’s deliriously screaming it as she suffers in the cold cage

May 7th: slave kelly leashed by the serious plug at Lochme

But that was not the only message I got. I also got a message from someone who met Angelique and praised her:
Wanted to compliment your niece Angelique on her manners. She was very polite and well behaved and did not get any urine anywhere near my boots. I just thought you should know I was quite impressed on her training.
After I showed the praise to Mistress, I answered “We pride ourselves on our dry floors

May 7th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave drone Flo

It’s really nice to get such praises and Angelique was proud that she had pleased us. Angelique had also fulfilled her assignment to fill a glass with her pee. We had a relaxed night and played a round of skipee (Angelique won it). slave drone Flo came inworld and watched us playing. She can only communicate with a tiny LED indicating green for yes and red for no.
After we finished playing, I poured the glass with Angelique’s pee into slave drone Flo’s breather box so that she can enjoy our niece’s very particular scent *winks*.

We ended our night with a short visit to club DeLust before Mistress and I retreated to our private skybox for some togetherness.

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