Simploring 2018 (56) The Leviathan Skeleton

For my simploring tour Sunday, July 1st, I picked a destination that I found at SL DestinationsThe Leviathan Skeleton. The picture at caught my attention, I couldn’t read anything about it though as it was in Japanese.
The Leviathan Skeleton, what’s that? I looked up Leviathan at wikipedia:
Leviathan is a sea monster referenced in the Hebrew Bible in the Book of Job, Psalms, the Book of Isaiah, and the Book of Amos. The word Leviathan has come to refer to any sea monster, and from the early 17th century has also been used of overwhelmingly powerful people or things. In Modern Hebrew, the word now simply means “whale”.
(excerpt from Wikipedia)

The Leviathan Skeleton

And in Second Life it is what the name expresses, a large skeleton of a sea monster. The Leviathan Skeleton is owned by Governor Linden, hence it is a place provided by Linden Lab. It is located in a sailing area. The skelteon in on a sandbank and a real landmark. On the island you find boards asking you not to click boats when you watch a sailing race from the island.

Impressions of “The Leviathan Skeleton” (1)

The Leviathan Skeleton offers some places to sit. You can also use a swimming ring to relax laying on the water just below the huge sctruture of the skeleton. Or you go and explore the underwater world. There’s a sunken submarine and other sunken ships and there’s fun – like the head of a crocodile.

Impressions of “The Leviathan Skeleton” (2)

What else? You can take picture of course and I took a lot of them as The Leviathan Skeleton is a really unique motive. And og course you can sail. Sailing is on of the most popular passions in Second Life. Govenor Linden offers a free sailing boat to rezz at The Leviathan Skeleton. I tried it and enjoyed a short tour with the sailing boat.

Impressions of “The Leviathan Skeleton” (3)

To sum it up, The Leviathan Skeleton is a great place for a short simploring tour and a great place to take pictures.

Landmark to The Leviathan Skeleton

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