Simploring 2018 (59) Chouchou

Once again I looked into SL Destinations to select a destination for my simploring tour Saturday, July 7th. I choose Chouchou. Actually what I knew before arriving was nothing as the text of the blog, where Chouchou is mentioned is in Japanese.

I was quite surprised about what I saw upon landing at Chochou: a group of sandbacks, one tree, a piano, a ladder leading up into the sky, an old large birdcage – and that’s it. But is was surprsingly well visited. I was not alone, about 10 people were at the homestead sim, that carries a maximum of 20 avatars.
Upon landing you get the offer of taking a cinematic HUD, that will enhance your experience. It adds two large black bars on the top and on the buttom of your screen and changes the way your screen reacts to moving commands. As mentioned in the notecard that cames with it “It takes a little time to get use to it, but once you get the idea, you’ll be in a different world”. Obviously I was not patient enough, I took it off again.

Impressions of Chouchou (Ground level)

Chouchou is a Japanese music duo consisting of vocalist juliet Heberle and pianist arabesque Choche, which is formed in a virtual world, SecondLife to search for new possibilities of music. The homestead sim Chouchou is owned by juliet Heberle. The duo has it’s own website, that looks very professional, has a lot of information, professional videos, connection to itunes, downloads and the possiblity to buy CD’s of Chouchou.
To celebrate Chouchou’s 10th anniversary, Chouchou releases three albums (CD/Digital) “The Best of Chouchou [2007-2017] I – III” on Feb 23rd, 2018. The albums include songs representing their early works to latest works selected mainly by fans voting from 119 songs released in the past 10 years from 2007 to 2017.

Impressions of Chouchou – momento mori

Back to the sim Chouchou. As I mentioned before, there’s not that much to see where you land. You can listen to Chouchou’s music of course! And the place might be used to concerts too. But there’s more to see. The ladder reaching up into the sky serves as a teleport point. I first went visiting the Cathedral in the clouds “memento mori“.
It is a very impressive large cathedral with a long long stairway you have to walk up to enter the cathedral. I changed my windlight settings as the region’s windlight didn’t really show the large dimensions of the cathedral. Instead of an altar there’s a piano. I assume another place for concerts. For this cathedral alone it’s worth visiting Chochou.
From the ladder you can also go to Islamey, which is a Japanese garden, small but beautiful, a showcase of Japanese garden culture, just lovely.

Impressions of Chouchou – Islamey

Again I discovered a new corner of Second Life, a place for a music duo that was formed in this virtual world and is connected strongly to the physcial world. My thanks go to juliet Heberle for providing Chouchou to the public.

Landmark to Chouchou (Sandbanks)
Landmark to Chouchou Memento mori (Cathedral)
Landmark to Chouchou Islamey (Japanese Garden)
Chouchou’s website
Chouchou at facebook

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