Simploring 2018 (61) Adele

Saturday, July 14th, I found some time for simploring again. I selected Adele from SL Destinations. There’s not much information about Adele, the landmark description is empty. Adele is owned by Lelu Anatine and in her profile you find a short description: “My little piece of paradise. Come visit!” and she added the tags “photography, relax, explore, enjoy, hang out“.

Adele – overview

Adele is a moderate homestead sim, it’s an U-shaped lush island with a Caribbean touch. The landing is on a wooden platform in the middle of the bay formed by the U-shape of the island. From there you have a nice view to Adele.
There’s a signpost where you can join the Adele group to get rez rights for taking pictures. The signpost also points to a coffee shop and to a gallery, that is going to open soon. But the signpost is not a teleporter. I thought I could take the boat, that is next to the landing to get to the island, but it is just to sit and pose. Hence I had to swim from the platform to the island (actually I flew *winks*).

Impressions of Adele (1) – Landing and residential house

On the island are just a few bulidings, outstanding is a large residential home quite in the center of the island. It is open, hence I dare to have a look into it. It is fully furnitured with love for the detail and offers places to sit, particulary on the 2nd floor. The 3rd floor is used as an atelier and from the roof terrace you can enjoy the view on the bay.
The other larger building is the coffee shop. It is a bit hidden behind large palm trees and is build on poles, hence you have to walk up to it. The main room is a nice meeting area, equipped for parties.

Impressions of Adele (2) – around the wrecked fisher boat

Adele is a very peaceful and beautiful island. On my simploring tour I found many places to rest, to cuddle, to sit and to dream. There’s a surfer’s hut and another beach house, there’re loungers, a hammock, a swing, a canopy bed and other places by the beach.
On one coast you come across the wreck of on old fisher boat and close to it is another hut with a nice platform.

Impressions of Adele (3) – the Coffee shop

Lelu Anatine writes about herself that SL photography is one of her passions. It seems to me, that she created her little piece of paradies also to this passion. During my short visit I didn’t discover all corners of Adele, I just got a first impression, but it was very enjoyable.
Lelu succeeded in making Adele look quite natural, everything fits, be it the sign post at one of the beaches or the butterflies that I noticed in the hut next to the wrecked fisher boat or be it the seagulls flying around the main residential house.

Impressions of Adele (4) – at the beach

Adele is a place to retreat to and to dream, a corner of SL where you literally can escape from everyday life, just as it should be. And of course it is a great place to take pictures. Thank you Lelu for sharing your sim with the public.

Landmark to Adele

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