Diary 2018 (129) July 21st/22nd – varied weekend

I had a quite lazy, yet still varied time inworld on Saturday, July 21st. First I met with Jenny in the afternoon shortly. She was about to leave for a short time out of 3 days to recover. We caught up with news and then went to Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique until Jenny had to leave. I spent a bit more time with Angelique there, then we had a few games of greedy.

July 21st: Diomita and Angelique

My Saturday night began with a simploring tour to Aphantasia (read yesterday’s post here) and then again with a few games of greedy with Angelique. I took Angelique over to our house and ordered her to please me with her tongue. As Jenny isn’t around, someone needs to take care of my pleasure and well-beeing. She was reluctant of course but I enjoyed her licking to the fullest nonetheless.

slave Flo came inworld but was discreet and waited until Angelique had finished her assignment before she entered the office. I decided to make the most of her exposed bum and got a bum spanker for her which was set to public so that everybody who’s tempted can slap her exposed behind now. We went over to Mesmerize Dungeon again and got some eye candy there while chatting.

July 21st: Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo at home and at Mesmerize Dungeon

Angelique was attracted by a woman in a shiny black catsuit who made quite awkward moves, rolling on the floor every once in a while. She was wearing an urine bag – and obviously the bag was full and she was experiencing colics – poor woman.
I wondered if that might be the solution for Angelique’s … accidents. Anway, we had a closer look and Angelique got a new toy shorty after – there’ll be more to come about that soon.

I use my free time on Sunday, July 22nd, for another simploring tour (to be published soon) and to write the according blog post. As none of the family was around, I roamed a bit around afterwards and visited our usual places and got some eye candy and to have at least one picture of this rare moment being inworld with no slave or family member around, I made a selfie at Heavy Bondage Club.
At night I met with slave Flo and Angelique and I took them to Lochme. slave Flo was placed on the slut platform there and I slapped her exposed bum several times to give it a nice colour. I chatted with Angelique and I watched another visitor having fun splapping slave Flo.

July 22nd: Diomita’s selfie at Heavy Bondage Club / Diomita and Angelique with slave Flo and slave slut cecy at Lochme

slave slut cecy came inworld and I summoned her over and placed her next to slave Flo. They really made a nice picture up there. Angelique had to leave for bed and I stayed a bit at Lochme with the slaves. slave slut cecy was so excited (well, she really was!), that she peed and stood in the puddle of her pee for a while until the puddle had dried out.

July 22nd: slave Flo and slave slut cecy exposed at Lochme’s slut platform

One downside of the slut platform at this quite busy place is, that you never know if the podest, where you place a slave or slut, is really free. And I had just mentioned this downside when another slave appeared on slave Flo’s podest. I moved slave Flo to the next podest… but who knows who might appear there? After slave Flo left to catch some sleep, a man appeared right next to slave slut cecy and checked her belt (which was securely locked of course). It turned out that he knew our slut from former times. Unfortunately I had to leave myself, but slut might have had some more fun getting teased.

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