Simploring 2018 (63) Aphantasia

For my simploring tour on Saturday, July 21st, I selected Aphantasia from SL Destinations. Aphantsia is an adult homestead sim owned by Benny Green (benygreen). In the landmark profile it is described as “A naturally themed artistic environment. Inspiration for artistic creations. All are welcome.

Aphantasia is a group of islands, connected by rope bridges. Most of the islands are abundantly covered with forests. The islands melt nicely with the sim’s background.

The landing point is in a round hut. You can join the Aphantasia group there to get rezzing rights. In the hut you also find a trap door that functions as a teleporter to 3 destinations: Houseboat, Conservatory and The Folly. I decided to explore and discover Aphantasia on foot. The first place I discovered is just by the landing hut. On the pier is a table with 2 chairs, fully set up for fine dinning and really a bit weired and decadent in this environment. What a great place to have dinner with a loved one!

Impressions of Aphantasia (1) – Landing point, fine dining and houseboat

Walking through the thick forest of Aphantasia was fun, you really feel like being in the midst of nature. The second place I visited was the houseboat. The houseboat offers some places to sit in the front and in the back. Inside it is nicely furnished and it looks like being inhabited by a family with kids. I like the little robot running around.

Impressions of Aphantasia (2) – the houseboat

On my way through the forests I discovered the ruins of a house. The place is not that easy to find in the forest with its high trees. The place is used as a hideaway. In the middle is a bathtube surrounded by flourishing flowers, very romantic.
Another romantic place is not far from the ruins – the folly. The folly is quite outstanding situated on a rock and again connected to the islands by a rope bridge. Another place to cuddle.
I also tried out the hot-air balloon that hoovers over an island that was cleared of the forest to have a landing and starting place for the ballon. I couldn’t travel with the balloon, but I could get into it (I had to fly to it) and enjoy the view over Aphantasia.

Impressions of Aphantasia (3) – the ruins, the folly and the hot-air balloon

I continued my simploring tour and walked to a group of bulidings on the next island. To me it looked like a vacation village as the first small building has a sign “Office” and the other buildings are not furnished. There are some animals laying on the street or standing on the porch. They seem to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Not far from the vacation village is a camp site.

Impressions of Aphantasia (4) – vacation village and camp site

The conservatory is quite extraordinairy. It is furnished with vintage upholstery, there are shelfs with books, globes, a bed and a desk. The windows are dirty and thus it is a bit dark but also very comfortable inside – a place to retreat for talking or reading. You wouldn’t expect a place like this in the midst of the forests.

Impressions of Aphantasia (5) – The conversatory

Aphantasia is really a great place for a short vacation within Second Life. You feel like being somewhere on the northern hemisphere, be it Scandinavia or Canada. The forests look really natural and you can literally smell the nature. There are some more nice places to sit and cuddle and enjoy. But they are not that easy to find and I may not have discovered them all. I really had a very enjoyable hour simploring Aphantasia, another gem in this virtual world.

Some more impressions of Aphantasia (6)

Many thanks to Benny Green for providing your place to the public.

Landmark to Aphantasia

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