Simploring 2018 (68) Saguaro and Fruit Islands

Once again I picked the destination for my simploring tour on Saturday, August 4th, from SL Destinations: Saguaro.
The picture of Saguaro and the landmark description read tempting for me at least: “Welcome to Saguaro, the home of Luc and Dooz, a photo-op place and hang out. You may sail, take a kayak o swim – just sit on the waterball. Switch on Media for seasound.

First impressions of Saguaro: Landing and kayak tour around the island

Saguaro is a small island and just one the Fruit Islands. Fruit Islands are owned by Loretta String; Loretta rents out seperate Islands to residents. Those islands are not homesteads, they are smaller but the prim count can be similar, higher or lower than that of a homestead. One of these islands is Saguaro, located within a sailing paradise of numerous residential islands. Those other islands build a lovely natural background for Saguaro.

Impressions of Saguaro

Saguro is owned by Dooz (dooozy) and Luc (eslucas) and it is open to the public. It is another small corner of Second Life to relax and chill and to let your mind wander feeling like being on vacation. The provided landmark to Saguaro leads to a pier with a big motor sailing yacht and a rezzer for a kayak. I took the kayak and paddled once around the island to get an overview. In the middle of Saguro island is an open house, it’s more a rain protection for furniture than a house. The beach as well as the house offers many opportunites to sit and cuddle or to watch what is going on around.

Just a Little selection of places to sit and cuddle and to let your mind go wander at Saguaro

The vegetation as well as the places and the furniture to enjoy the sun are selected with love for the detail. You can sense that this island is a homeplace first of all. It is remarkable that Luc and Dooz keep it open for the public, so that you and I can use it for chilling and for enjoying ourself. I spent about half an hour of a short vacation within Second Life at Saguaro.

Thank you, Dooz (dooozy) and Luc (eslucas) for providing your place for my short vacation. I really enjoyed and I like what you made of it.

Landmark to Saguaro

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