Diary 2018 (145) August 10th – slave kelly’s new nipple clamps

Friday, August 10th, Mistress Jenny and I met in the afternoon again. After catching up we went down to our house and met slave kelly there, nicely displayed in her box. She had a request and asked to get the vibrator of the plug turned off. I pushed some buttons on the remote of the pear plug, intentionally hitting electro shocks insted of turning off the vib, before I asked Mistress Jenny about slave kelly’s request.
But instead of granting or denying slave kelly’s request Mistress Jenny asked back “And what is in for us? Do you offer anything?” Of course slave kelly hadn’t much to offer, she’s owned and helplessly at our mercy. But she proposed nipple clamps in return as it would fit to improve her appearance as our decoration. That seeded an idea.

August 10th: Diomita and slave kelly

I went to The Apostasy and got a set of nipple clamps for her there. These nipple clamps are from the same creator as the pear plug. When I took slave kelly out of her display box she was that excited again that she peed more or less immediately. She managed to ask for permission to go peeing, but even if I had granted it (I denied it) she couldn’t hold back – poor slave. I attached the new nipple rings, that offer electro shocks and vibrating just like the pear plug, in addition to engraving the slave’s name, attaching bells and attaching a board with a message.

August 10th: Diomita and slave kelly with her new nipple clamps

Setting slave kelly up properly took a while and time had flown by once again. Angelique and slave Flo had come inworld in the meantime and Mistress Jenny’s time was up. I went shortly to our skybox with Mistresss Jenny to say good bye to her, then I returned and finished with slave kelly’s settings and took her back into “her” display box.

Friday night party August 10th: slave Flo, slave kelly, Mistress Jenny and Diomita dancing and enjoying

And Friday night? Our regular party again. As we had some hot weeks, red hot weeks, Mistress Jenny proposed to dress in Red Hot Latex or anything else red and hot and Virgo agreed to it.

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