Simploring 2018 (69) Peace in mind

Tuesday night, July 31st, I found surprisingly time for a simploring tour. I picked “Peace of mind” from SL Destinations as the provided picture and the landmark description caught my attention: “Welcome! Enjoy! I have a passion for landscaping, design & art. Hopefully this place brings peace in your heart. Check out the NEW secret caves, have fun on the beach, hangout at the cottage in the forest, play games, etc!

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (1) – beach and landing (upper left) / overview (lower left) / indoor Swimming pool (upper and lower right)

Peace of Mind” is a parcel on mainland owned by Talacious Tigerpaw. The landing point is at a nece beach. The parcel is surrounded by steep rocks. “Peace of Mind” offers a lot to discover and many nice spots to sit and talk.

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (2) – in the woods / the cave (lower right)

I began my simploring at the beach from where you have to walk up a bit to get to an indoor swimming pool. There is a set table for a romantic dinner for two. From there I walked through the woods upwards and upwards. Along the path you might notice some animals who liven up the scene. At one point you can leave the path and enter a sunflower field, which I did not as I assumed that it was already on the next parcel. Later I found out, that it is an extension parcel of “Peace of Mind“.
The path leads up further and further until you reach a cave. The cave can certainly be used as another rooantic spot, but I didn’t find any opportunity to sit and relax inside of it. leaving the cave the path leads further upwards until you reach the top of the rock and a high plateau. There are two connected tree houses. Both are fully furnished.

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (3) – The tree houses

If you walk beyond the tree houses you get to the sunflower field again and this time I entered it and I found another living space under a big tree. On the high plateau you also find a bar and restaurant and at the end of the plateau a large villa, that I could already see from the beach looking up to the top of the rock. This villa is outstanding because it is also fully furnished. It offers again a lot of rooms where you could meet.

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (4) – sunflower field (upper pictures) / bar and restaurant (lower pictures)

Impressions of “Peace of Mind” (5) – the villa

There’s a lot to discover at “Peace of Mind” and I had fun exploring it and taking lots of pictures. “Peace of Mind” has just one downside being located on mainland you don’t have a fitting sim background and the neighborhood can be disturbing, in particular the sky platforms are disturbing the view.
I was surprised that the whole plot is fully accessible for the public including the fully furnished tree houses and the large villa. You certainly can find some peace there. I had fun simploring. Thank you Talacious Tigerpaw for providing your plot to the public.

Landmark to Peace of mind

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