Diary 2018 (152) August 18th – Babylon Berlin

Saturday, August 18th, began very relaxed. Mistress Jenny took me to Heavy Bondage Club where we caught up. Then we visited Bondage City and a club there, that Mistress Jenny had discovered. It was all empty and we just cuddled together. We returned home and had a series of greeday games. Mistress Jenny won and as we had a side bet, my next green light might be shortend. Secretly I hope that Mistress enjoys the green lights that much, that she won’t shorten it although I lost the side bet.

August 18th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at Heavy Bondage Club and at Bondage City

At night we met with Angelique and slave P, but slave P had to leave soon after due to RL. I had fun teasing Angelique and I selected a new outfit for her and locked her cuff. It didn’t surprise me that she complained and Mistress ordered me to unlock them again – but that’s part of the fun!
Angelique told us that she discovered a new club called Babylon Berlin. THe landmark description read promising: “BabyLon BerLin a place of seamless Sin. Deep beneath the old city near the catacombs. Evoking an exclusive Film Noir fetish avant garde immersion. Chic and style. Live cabaret, burlesque, BDSM, kink, D/s, fetish“. When Angelique visited it was all empty like so many others clubs but Mistress noticed more than 60 people there at that very moment. We decided to give it a try.

August 18th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at home with Angelique and slave P / at the Landing point of Babylon Berlin

We landed in a skybox where we could join the group for a fee. I first used my cam to take a look and not being a member I could see the club all empty. The club seemed really well made, stylish as the title did reveal. Mistress wanted to join and hence we did. It turned out that we visited at the grand opening event of this new club. It is owned by Clement Godard and was founded just 2 weeks ago. The group has already around 1,000 members – impressive.

August 18th: Impressions of the empty Babylon Berlin

It was very full and laggy and it took time to get rezzed. But it was worth it. We heard a concert of Joesphine Baker and I got some pictures provided by someone of the (quite large) stuff present. Mistress and I danced and we enjoyed. We saw a lot of new faces and had fun reading profiles. The crowd was fitting to the event and the club, stylish and elegant, yet also kinky! And Angelique got in contact to a real big girl (and naughty) there. Mistress Jenny supported and forced her to seek contact.

In a profile of one of the staff members I found another description of Babylon Berlin: “Set in 1930 during the Weimar Republic, this chic performance venue is a dark stylish, moody, cabaret setting, evoking dark mysteries, seduction and subterfuge. famously secretive, and provoking sexual intrigue, crime, fashion and fetish in an unobtrusive manner. A place for the innocent and wicked to mingle and flirt.”

August 18th: Grand opening of Babylon Berlin

We think the entrance fee for joining the group might have been well invested money if this club does keep just a fractional amount of what it promises. Mistress Jenny and I will for sure return to visit the other Rooms and to check how it develops. So far we just saw the event area.

August 18th: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Angelique enjoying a lovely night at the grand opening of Babylon Berlin / Mistress Jenny and Diomita storing slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

We had just entered the opening event when slave slut cecy came inworld. She was really not dressed for being summoned to us. Hence she had to stay home and she made herself useful and did the cleaning, good slut. When Mistress Jenny and I returned home we rewarded slave slut and took her to Psi’s realm where we stored her. And Angelique? We will see how she gets along with her new acquaintance …

Landmark to Berlin Babylon

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