Simploring 2018 (85) The Pines at Jacobs Pond

Inspired by a picture I saw on SL Destinations  I visited “The pines at Jacobs Pond”. What caught my eye was that this sim was just set into Autumn mode showing the foliage, a season that I really like. There’re a lot of blog posts about “The pines at Jacobs Pond”, I’m by far not the first one who visited it and wrote about it. But for me it was new.

Impressions of “The Pines at Jacobs Pond” (1)

The pines at Jacobs Pond” is a family sim, a moderate homestead, owned by a group named “End of Time”, founded by Liu (liu kaos). There’s not that much to see nor to explore. “The pines at Jacobs Pond” is an American village, a village that could be anywhere in the Northeast of the US. Some stores are along the main street, a gas station, a grocery store, a laundry. Besides the stores there are many residential homes along the main street as well as parallel to it. A little food market offers regional good and, according to the seasom pumpkins. All is quite neat.
The colours of Autumn, the falling leaves are just beautiful and add to the feeling of being somewhere in the Northeast.

Impressions of “The Pines at Jacobs Pond” (2)

What else would you expect? Yes, a little stadium. In this case it is a baseball stadium and the local club plays in the Second Life Little League. On one side of the island is a fishing pond, a stable for horses, a hunting hut and you can also see some deers. That’s it. At least that’s what I saw. Nonetheless it is a small piece of paradise, normal life, a sleepy village, a place to retreat into family life, be it at night or on the weekend – and I liked it.

Impressions of “The Pines at Jacobs Pond” (3)

Did I miss anything? Yes, a church, a New England Baptist Church is missing at least for me to make “The Pines at Jacobs Pond” perfect.
Of course I took not just one picture. The foliage offers a particular atmosphere in Second Life as well as in Real Life. Thank you Liu (liu kaos) for sharing the sim with the public. It felt like a short visit to the Northeast.

Landmark to “The pines at Jacobs Pond”

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