Simploring 2018 (87) Pendle Hill

For my simploring tour on Saturday, October 6th, I picked Pendle Hill from SL Destinations. Pendle Hill is owned and created by Lauren Bentham, who also owns Arranmore. I visited Arranmore in 2016 (read here). Pendle Hill reminded me a lot of Arranmore and you can easily recognize that both were created by the same person. The atmosphere is foggy and dark and fits into the current Halloween season, yet Pendle Hill is like Arranmore a permanent sim and open all year round, not just for Halloween.

Impression of Pendle Hill (1)

Lauren Betham writes in the notecard that you get upon entering that “Pendle Hill is a fictional sim, but the name Pendle Hill is actually a real place east of Lancashire in the north of England, and is linked to the Pendle witch trials of 1612.

Impression of Pendle Hill (2)

To fully enjoy exploring Pendle Hill you have to enable advanced lighting, enable ambient occlusion and have to enable shadows created by sun/moon and projectors. With these settings and with adding the flashlight you also get upon entering the sim, you might see objects, people, ghosts or horrifying objects in the spotlight of the flashlight that you would miss otherwise. And turn your sound on!

Impression of Pendle Hill (3)

Pendle Hill offers a lot of opportunities for taking pictures with a particular dark, foggy and scary atmosphere. Some details are obscured by the fog and the dark and only appear either in the spotlight of your flashlight or when a lightening illuminated the scenery. Many ghosts live at Pendle Hill, some of them only show their hands playing the piano or trying to grab you when you look into a mirror or walk up stairs.

Impression of Pendle Hill (4)

There’s a lot to discover at Pendle Hill and I’m sure that I still missed most of them. Thank you for creating and sharing Pendle Hill with the public, Lauren Bentham. I really enjoyed my visit a lot!

Landmark for Pendle Hill

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