Simploring 2018 (88) Machinima Open Studio Project – LEA 6

I read about “Machinima Open Studio Project” at LEA 6 at SL Destinations. Many blog posts have been published about it before. “Machinima Open Studio Project” at LEA 6 is just the newest sim. It is built by Chic Aeon. “Machinima Open Studio Project” is described as “a community resource for filmmakers and photographers. Full sim environments with careful attention to production values, LODs, flow and framerates. Full sim night city with backlot film studios; rustic town ground level. Machinima friendly. 20 min rez.

Impressions of “Machinima Open Studio Project” (1)

The landmark I grabbed led me to a town scenery, a street canyon surrounded by skyscrapers, quite a dodgy environment. I took a few pictures and searched how to leave there but there was no teleport pad and no hint. The scenery was built into a box. Finally I used the map to leave the box. Outside I saw several other boxes and spheres with different scenes, be it plain countryside or a colourful fantasy scene. All these scenes were at a level of 2.500m and I traveled to different levels and found more scenes.

Impressions of “Machinima Open Studio Project” (2)

At the 1.000m level I found an office with very helpful information about “Machinima Open Studio Project“, there’s a website and a long notecard with helpful hints for making films using Second Life. I provide this landmark with this blog post. I think that’s the official starting point for visiting “Machinima Open Studio Project“. Here you can also get a folder with all the landmarks to go directly to the scene you’re interested in – and there many different scenes!

At the office of the “Machinima Open Studio Project” you can grab a folder with all landmarks and other useful information

It’s interesting to see how you can built scenes on quite small pieces of land with a comparably small amount of prims. The scenes are not just great for making a film but also provide a great background for pictures, in particular when you play with the windlight settings and with shadows.
Being inworld more than 10 years now, I still discover new elements of Second Life. Not that I didn’t know about making films in Second Life (I did that myself a couple of years ago), but I was not aware that there’re sims like “Machinima Open Studio Project” that provide backgrounds particularly for this use. And the provided information and hints are very helpful in case that I decide to make another film some time.

Some Information about Chic Aeon (for reading click to zoom)

Thank you Chic Aeon for providing the “Machinima Open Studio Project“, and as I understood you do this for many years already. Thanks also to the Linden Endowment for the Arts program, that provides the sim for it for 3 years already.
I really enjoyed to discover and explore it.

Landmark to “Machinima Open Studio Project” – leads to the office
Website of “Machinima Open Studio Project”

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