Simploring 2018 (90) Hypercube – labyrinth of the mind

On SL Destinations I saw a picture of “Hypercube – labyrinth of the mind“, an installation by Moki Yuitza at LEA 19. In Oema’s “Virtuality”-blog I read a short interview with Moki, then I visited it myself on Monday October 15th.

You land outside of the cube where you can grab a notecard with recommendations how to adjust the settings of your viewer, but there’re also boards explaining it. Hypercube is a maze within a cube with 3 floors, each floor contains 8 scenes, so in total there’s 24 scenes. For Moki it is “a personal journey through dreams, emotions, memories and nightmares in search of the path to the exit” and she invites the visitor to find an own story.

In most of the scenes you will see doll avatars. At the landing point you can grab a female or a male doll avatar, which you can use for your visit of Hypercube. Each scene offers two poseballs, a heart for a female pose and a star for the male pose. With these poses you can get involved into the scene yourself. I can imagine that visiting as a couple using these dolls avatars will provide another experience. I decided to visit Hypercube without using the doll Avatar.

There are two ways of exploring, either on foot or using teleport points that lead from scene to scene. The three floors are connected by a staircase in the center of the cube. Due to the transparent walls of the labyrinth and due to the many colourful light beams, that cross the cube, the scenes appear different depending on the viewing angle. Sometimes you see other scenes in the background through the transparent walls, in one scene a transparent walls seperates the two doll couple.

The 24 scenes deal with different situations of life, with love, with fear, with family, with hope and even with mortal peril. You will find scenes with large and scary monsters, monsters that seem to have sprung directly from a nightmare. You see the dolls trying to hide or to protect themselves from the monsters. Depending on your own thoughts, you will find situations of your own life expressed by the dolls.

Hypercube is creative art. By the light effects and the transparent walls every visitor gets a different view on it and makes a unique experience. In addition, the possibility to visit as a doll avatar or as a couple provides even more variations. The scenes are thoughtfully built and cover a wide range of possible interpretations, from birth to death. Hypercube is a the kind of art you can only see and experience in a virtual environment like Second Life.
Thank you Moki for this installation. I enjoyed my visit.

Landmark to Hypercube
Interview with Moki Yuitza published in Oema’s “Virtuality”-blog

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