Simploring 2018 (95) Glenrosa

I picked Glenrosa from SL Destinations for my simploring tour on Saturday, October 27th. The picture I saw and the description tempted me: “Glenrosa is a place to wander and explore. Set off down the winding road or take the shoreline. Whichever path you choose you will find lots of surprises along the way.

Glenrosa – overview

Glenrosa is a moderate homestead, an island surrounded by higher mountains. Upon landing you stand at a gate, with the name “Glenrosa” engraved into the gate posts. To me it seems like the entrance to a bigger property with a villa. I walked through the gate and followed the dirt road that acutally led me to a bigger house, a manor. It looked a bit abandoned. I walked inside and found it fully furnished, but most of the furniture was covered with sheets and moving boxes were piled up in some corners, the bookshelfs were empty. The other rooms and floors were similar mothballed and it felt somehoe a bit scary inside of the manor.

Glenrosa – landing point and the manor

I continued my simploring tour and walked along the shore. Glenrosa offers a lot of nature, some areas are quite meagre, the shores are either rocky or covered with black gravel. Some conifers grow under these conditions nonetheless. The nature looks very natural and fitting. I walked around a larger pond with a fishing hut, discovered a nice place to sit and enjoy. Admist some bushes near the shore I also discovered some art.

Glenrosa – around the lake

There’s an old railroad track and another house nearby, that I explored as well. Again it looked a bit scary inside and although it was furnished it felt like it wasn’t inhabited for a longer time. Quite in the center of Glenrosa is a chapel with a graveyard. But the chapel isn’t used as such anymore, although inside are a few pews. The chains at the walls, the chair where once the altar might have been, the two cages with candles inside indicate that it is used for some darker kinks.

Glenrosa – a bit of art and other impressions

At the end of my simploring tour I met the owners of Glenrosa, Gabriel (gabriel4botto) and Brandi Monroe, who happened to be at the pebbly shore. They had been at an Halloween party the night before and were still wearing their costumes, just like myself. I wore a witch costume from our Friday night party the day before.

Glenrosa – the residential house and the chapel

Gabriel is the owner of Corruption. Brandi explained to me, that “Corruption is a different sim they have. It is an adult sim. There is a fee to join that one and we have our events and all there. It’s a bit different looking than this one. Glenrosa is just a photography/hang out sim basically. We extended it originally as another option for our Corruption members to have, but decided to open it to the public about a week ago.

Glenrosa – more impressions / Diomita meeting Gabriel and Brandi, the owners of Glenrosa

And Brandi is absolutely right, Glenrosa is a great place for taking pictures. It stands out with is quite natural landscape and vegetation. It offers opportunities to retreat or for some darker activities. In any case, Glenrosa is worth a visit. Thank you for opening Glenrosa for the public, Gabriel and Brandi!

Landmark to Glenrosa
Landmark to Corruption

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