Simploring 2018 (101) Vespertine

For my simploring tour on Sunday, November 18th, I picked Vespertine from SL Destinations because of the nice and colourful pictures I saw. The landmark description of Vespertine did already give away what to expect: “deco, home, garden, skyboxes, prefabs, shopping, autumn, relax, nature, original mesh“.
Vespertine is a store for the products listed in the landmark description. The store and the sim is owned by dead inside (amelie knelstrom).

Vespertine overview

Vespertine is a homestead. I first zoomed out for an overiew. The sim is dominated by the store which takes most of the available space. It is embedded in a really nice, colourful surrounding, that is worth a visit for it’s own.

Impressions of Verspertine (1)

Vespertine consists of 2 islands. The main island is occupied by the store. You land outside at the entrance of the store and can either decide to visit the store or to explore the smaller island. I explored the smaller island first. It offers some nice places to sit and it offers great views because of the foliage – a perfect place to take pictures. At the end of the smaller island you can take a ride with a paddleboat, which I did.

Impressions of Verspertine (2)

Then I explored the store. It offers home and garden decorations. I have seen a lot of it’s stuff already during my simploring tours. Hence in some respect it was a deja-vu for me. Vespertine also offers prefabs and skyboxes. I have seen at least the greenhouses, that are sold there, before at other places. And also the summer ice cream truck, which seems to be quite popular. From the store you can take a teleporter to a rezzing area where you can see the prefabs and skyboxes by temporarily rezzing them.
I really enjoyed poking around in the store. That’s another shopping experience. You get ideas by looking at the stuff and it is presented in a very appealing way.

Impressions of Verspertine (3)

I appreciate it a lot when shopping is not limited to the marketplace and I like it even more when shop owners present their stuff thoughtfully and when they provide a nice surrounding for visitors. Particularly for a home and garden store that’s fitting. Dead inside (amelie knelstrom) made this effort and I enjoyed my visit to the store as well as the outside. Vespertine is really a great place for photographers.

Thank you dead inside (amelie knelstrom) for adding this nice place around your store.

Landmark to Vespertine

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