Simploring 2018 (102) Celeste Sanct

Inspired by a picture that I saw at SL Destinations I decided to visit “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}“. On SL Destinations was just one picture and a text in Japanese … nothing more. The picture looked quite interesting and photogenic, showing a lonely place in winter but the landmark description did sound more like a description of a store “High Quality Adult Furniture + landscaping & Fashion for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink & Signature“. So what’s behind it?

The whaling station at “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}”

celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is an abandoned whaling station. It is lonely and exploring it is fun. In the few living quartes you find just some chairs, a sign “Baby it’s cold outside” and yes, christmas decoration!
The facilites are empty but the huge chimney is smoking. That’s it, besides two empty storage silos and an half sunken trawler. Just what you’d expect from an abandoned whaling station in the middle of cold nowhere – yet very photogenic.
There’s no shop, at least I didn’t find one. “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is owned by Chania Leuce (cheekichica). It is a full adult sim. There must be something in the skies as the rezzed prims dont’t correspond with what you see. And there is! I found out later that there’s a big inworld store in the skies.

3 sim overview: The whaling station between “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat” and “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort”

I looked around and zoomed out and found that there’re two adult homesteads adjacent to “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}“, one is “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms“, the other is “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort“.
I started with exploring “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms“. It is a photogenic sim dedicated to storm lovers. You get a notecard upon entering it and Chania Leuce (cheekichica) wrote in it that “this sim is art imitating real life. It is modeled after the South Texas Gulf Coast, USA.” I first used my standard windlight for my visit as the provided windlight is quite dark, later I used the provided windlight which gives you the feeling of being in a thunderstorm.

“Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms” – Impressions with a normal windlight setting

As Chania described it, there’s quite something to explore. The residential homes are all furnished (with style, I liked it!). There’s a large highway around this quite lovely and beautiful beach village, some parts of the highway are flooded, others are covered with sand dunes, just as you expect it after a thunderstorm. The contrast between the highway and the beach village is quite realistic (unfortunately that’s how it is in reality). I enjoyed exploring and visiting “Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms”.

“Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms” – Impressions with the provided windlight setting

On the other side of “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort“, a winter skiing arena with a large sky-cab to travel and several lovely decorated and furnished cabins. Once again you get a notecard with some information upon your landing or entering. The cabins are not for rent but free for all to use as a first come first serve basis during your stay.
I traveled with the sky-cab, I had a look into the cabins and I had a sledge ride, which was fun. According to the notecard this sim is only up for a limited time, from now until end of February.

Impressions of “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort” (1)

Chania Leuce (cheekichica) is the owner & Creator of celeste.sanct, which is a store for furniture (with even adult aninations), for decorations, for home and garden and for plants an stuff that you need for creating sims. I only found the store at the marketplace here. But I saw some of the items sold rezzed in these 3 adjacent sims.

Impressions of “Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort” (2)

I can only speculate, but I assume that building and creating must be a passion of Chania. The three sims don’t really fit to eachother but are really photogenic and offer a lot to explore. I was surprised that I didn’t find a store (I found it later though) and the name for the whaling station “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}” is really misleading. I decided to title this simploring tour with “Celeste Sanct” as this is the brand of Chania.

I enjoyed my visit to these 3 sims. And as Chania also wrote in her notecards that the sims are changing, I should visit again some time to see what has changed.
Thank you Chania for providing your space to the public!

Landmark to “celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}”
Landmark to Runaway’s Gulf Coast Retreat – Thunderstorms
Landmark to Mistletoe Lodge & Ski Resort
Chania Leuce (cheekichica)’s store inworld celeste.sanct // crazy {home + fashion}
Chania Leuce (cheekichica)’s store on the marketplace

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