Simploring 2018 (105) Winter Wonders and Floating Islands

Tuesday, December 4th, I went exploring Winter Wonders following once again an entry in SL Destinations.
Winter Wonders is an installation by Zun Sahara at LEA15. She described her installation with a simple request “Please enjoy the wonders of a real world of winter“. Upon landing you can get a notecard with just a little bit more information, in particular with 4 landmarks that will enhance traveling around Winter Wonder but you can do it on foot too. One area though, the Floating Islands, can only reached by teleporting. You can also use the big crystal dragons to use teleports.

Winter Wonders – overview

Basically Winter Wonders consists of 3 parts besides the Floating Islands. The large elven wood around the landing point, the cave with the cave greenhouse and the Krystal palads on top of the cave. I first visited the cave greenhouse. Inside it is like a tropical island within this frosty winter world, the green, the plants, the many opportunities to sit and the blooming flowers makes it a cosy place to stay and look out of the windows into the surrounding winter world. Outside at the wall of the cave you find large statues artfully made of ice that seem to guard the place. Each of them is a piece of art on its own.

Impressions of Winter Wonders (1) – around the landing point, cave greenhouse and cave

The ceiling of the cave is supported by two huge statues, like Atlas who is supporting the world. And on top of the cage is Krystal palads, another of the provided landmarks. But there’s not much to discover (or I didn’t notice it).

Impressions of Winter Wonders (2) – upper left picture taken at Krystal palads

I explored the whole sim and it offers quite something to discover. Fairies and elves, ducks, penguins, deers, fox and other animals peacefully roam around. There’re some campfires and cosy places and the whole atmosphere is just lovely and invites you to stay longer. I did that for quite a while 🙂

Impressions of Winter Wonders (3)

I also visited the Floating Islands, which are not at all related to winter. The Floating Islands are a colourful fantasy world full of excotic plants. Peacocks, butterflies, birds, famingos and other animals have their home at Floating Islands. The light effects are well done and when you walk up form one level to the other you see a lot of nice spots to sit and enjoy or to dance with your loved one. Floating islands is to some extent just the opposite of Winter Wonders at least regarding the season. But it also fits perfectly into this dream world.

Impressions of Floating Islands (1)

Zun Sahara owns a store named Zun Design where she offers a lot of furniture, plants and flowers, prefabs and garden stuff, decorations and sim design elements, some of them are used in her LEA installation. There’re several boards where you can grab freebies of Zun. I got a mediation pyramide (you can sit in a meditation pose in it, can’t be seen seen from outside, but you yourself see the world around you), a pack of candles and a set of flying birds. I do like the later most.

Impressions of Floating Islands (2)

I enjoyed a lovely hour of exploring and escaping from real life into the fantasy of Winter Wonders  and of Floating Islands. Thank you Zun for creating this world.

Landmark to Winter Wonders
Landmarks within Winter Wonders
Cave greenhouse
Krystal palads
Landmark to Floating Islands
Zun Sahara’s store Zun Design

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