Simploring 2018 (106) :nostos:deer:

For my simploring tour on Thursday, December 6th, I picked :nostos:deer: from SL Destinations, mainly because there was not much information about it. The landmark description didn’t reveal much neither, a list of tags that fits to store: “Yard, Sale, Gacha, Gift, Church, mountain, Sea, beach, Boathouse, Lighthouse, embankment, Canoe, river, Salmon, marsh, Snow, rain, Furniture, house, Rosary, Rosario, Nature, garden, resort, Japan, Nippon, Nihon, swan boat“. But the picture on SL Destinations looked nice.

:nostos:deer: overview

:nostos:deer: is an island, actually two islands that are connected by a bridge. :nostos:deer: is owned by owner dora Nacht and as far as I could find out also by her partner hide Mint. The landing is at a lonely train station. The train takes you from the station to the other end of the island. The railroad tracks lead further to a broken bridge and at it’s end there’s a train blocking the way into the sea. The train I took turned before reaching the broken brige and brought me back to the station.

Impressions of :nostos:deer: (1) – The train

The train travels slowly, you can leave it easily by stepping out and continue exploring on foot, which I did. The island is really meagre and there’s not that much to see: A lovely beach, a beach bar, a lighthouse and a residential house. An old railroad trail winds up in serpentines to a mountain and on the top of the the mountain is a church. The church is quite interesting as it is so different from the many churches I saw in Second Life.

Impressions of :nostos:deer: (2)

Right across the bridge connecting the two islands is the entrance to what looks like a mine. Actually it is a teleporter that takes you to a platform in the skies. The platform is the show space for a store, “Little Hopper”. As far as I could find out, the store offers a lot of everything, amoung other items bumper cars. You can try them out on the platform. It is fun! From the platform you can walk down to the store itself. “Little Hopper” sells the swan paddle boat that I have seen so many times already on my simploring tours. You can get an overview about the items sold by Litte Hopper on the marketplace here.

Impressions of :nostos:deer: (3) – lower left is the teleport from the Island to “Little Hopper”, lower right is the entrance to the store

I returned back to the island and exploring the second island. Again, there’s not that much to discover either: A compfire with chairs for kids (funny to sit on them as an adult – just as funny as in RL), I saw a lonely deer and I found a peer with several swan boats.

Impressions of :nostos:deer: (4) – bumper cars, the store, the kid’s campfire, meeting the deer

Now after exploring :nostos:deer: I assume that :nostos:deer: is the island with the train. The second island is dedicated to the store “Little Hopper”. I looked up the profiles of dora Nacht and hide Mint. They are both from Japan.

Impressions of :nostos:deer: (5)

:nostos:deer: convinces with it’s simplicity. Some places offer nice views and invite to stay. The train is funny and trying out the bumper cars is fun. Now I also know the origin of the swan boats in Second Life. Thank you dora and hide for providing the :nostos:deer: to the public. I enjoyed my visit!

landmark to :nostos:deer:
Little Hopper on the marketplace

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