Simploring 2018 (107) Season of Joy

Once again I picked the destination for my simploring tour on Saturday, December 1st, from SL Destinations. I visited Season of Joy. Season of Joy is a homestead created and owned by Lauren Grace (Daisy Kwon). The landmark description and the tags describe perfectly what you’re going to see and to do there: “Welcome to Season of Joy decorated for the holidays. Please enjoy this public sim designed for exploring, photography, and romance. Ice skating, sledding, romance, love, Christmas, Santa, Dancing, date, romance, love

Season of Joy – overview

Upon landing I got a notecard with a more detail list of attractions, that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Season of Joy:
– Sledding hill with ski lift
– Ice skating
– Santa’s workshop
– Take a photo on Santa’s lap
– Visit the winery, dance on the balcony
– snuggle up in the two cottages or at many other places
– Take a ride with Santa Claus and his reindeer
– Christmas tree farm
– Gift wrap station
– Dining

Impressions of “Season of Joy” (1) – around the landing point

Impressions of “Season of Joy” (2) – Snow angel, Chapel, Romance and Christmas tree farm

I did all of the above and took some nice pictures. Season of Joy has all what it takes for a seasonal installation and the above listed activities provide fun and great opportunities for taking pictures. The only fun that didn’t work for me for whatever reason was the ride with Santa Claus and his reindeers. You get into the sleigh by looking up into the skies and sitting in it. But when I did, Santa Claus stopped his reindeers and simply hoovered above the Christmas market on one position.

Impressions of “Season of Joy” (3) – Some places to cuddle / Look at the funny board: “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”

Impressions of “Season of Joy” (4) – Winery, Ice skating, Cottage

Everything at Season of Joy is a few numbers smaller than in full sims like the Calas Galadhon yearly seasonal installation. Season of Joy is a homestead and as such doesn’t have as much ressources as a full sim. But you get all the fun at Season of Joy that you expect for the season. And it is quite lag free as there are less visitors. I admire how wisely Lauren has used the limited ressources and managed to get all the activities realized and still provides that many spots to cuddle and simply enjoy.

Impressions of “Season of Joy” (5) – Winter fun

The winery is a building that you won’t expect in a seasonal installation, at least I didn’t. Of course wine is a nice gift, so why not? I liked visiting the winery and seeing how the products are presented there.

Impressions of “Season of Joy” (6) – at the Christmas market

Hence when you’re looking for a smaller place for seasonal fun, have a look at Season of Joy. Thank you Lauren Grace (Daisy Kwon) for providing your place to the public. I enjoyed my visit at lot!

Landmark to Season of Joy

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