Simploring 2018 (109) Matanzas

On Wednesday, December 19th and Thursday, December 20th, I visited Matanzas. I had got an invitation from Skate Foss, the owner of Matanzas, together with a short description and a quite detailed visitor guide notecard as a teaser. Skate wrote:
Mantanzas is created as a tropical island with only a few rental homes to cover tier. Most of the island is wild and uninhabited. Theres 3 (custom made) waterfalls, 2 forests, one which is a rain forest and several ‘public’ buildings, one is the island greenhouse thats decorated every Halloween and Christmas. Theres an old Spanish Chapel from when the island was a colonial sugar plantation. Some houses are remnants of the Spanish, others are newer owned by the ex pats that live here.”

Matanzas overview

Actually there are not just a few rental homes but quite some more. The balance between public and commonly used space and private rental homes is fair nonetheless and really leaves enough to explore and discover. The landing point is on the pier in the East of the island, just where you would arrive when visiting an island. When you walk on the island you get to the cafe and dance floor and the public lounge. The cafe is really nice and detailled and a place where you’d like to stay for a bit.

Impressions of Matanzas (1) – the landing point pier, the cafe and the lounge

If you turn West from the lounge you’ll get to the only bigger house that is public, Matanzas house. I explored the outside with the pool, the nice terrace overlooking the ocean and the garden pavillion with it’s view into the rain forest. I also looked inside through the windows but didn’t walk inside as the doors were closed.

Impressions of Matanzas (2) – around the Matanzas house

I walked back to the lounge and further to the greenhouse, that is just like Skate wrote, decorated for the season outside and inside with many poinsettias and presents. Right opposed to the greenhouse is the main waterfall, that offers some places to sit and mediate, read or just enjoy the environment. There’re many animals at Matanzas: flamingos, parrots, butterflies, seagulls, Koi carps, red fox, dragon flies and many more.

Impressions of Matanzas (3) – around and inside of the greenhouse

The rain forest is really something particular. Of course it rains and you can hear the sound of the waterfall mixed with the noise of the rain. To sit in the rainforest is something you won’t get often and again you can watch some animals or just enjoy the atmopshere. And in Second Life you won’t even get wet *winks*.

Impressions of Matanzas (4) – the rain forest

I continued my tour walking further to the other end of Matanzas, saw the chapel and the West coach beach, walked along the beach and finally reach the waterfall in the South, that offers again places to sit. At the left side of this waterfall is a stair that leads to the hilltop forest, which is quite a contrast to the rain forest and also offers places to sit and stay for a bit. I had fun watching the dragon flies at the pond there.

Impressions of Matanzas (5) – the chapel, the West coast and the South coast waterfall

Matanzas is another example of a really thoughtfully created sim where you can rent fullly furnished residential homes and become part of a community or just enjoy to have a lovely environment at home. I visited one house, lot 10, that was available for renting when I visited. All other houses were rented out. Obviously Matanzas is popular and the renters love the environment. For visitors there’s really enough public space to explore and discover or take pictures. The private homes are not secured, so please respect the privacy of the renters if you go exploring Matanzas yourself.

Impressions of Matanzas (6) – the hilltop forest and the residential home lot 10

I enjoyed my two visits, maybe also because it was such a contrast to real life with it’s bad weather, winds, storms, rain and snow at this time of the year and also a contrast to all the (also lovely) sims that are decorated for the season (like our sim is as well). Hence it was like a short visit into Caribean Summer. Thank you Skate Foss for creating Matanzas and for sharing the public parts. I personally appreciate concepts like this and I hope they are and will be successfull.

Landmark to Matanza

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