Diary 2019 (7) January 14th – slave kelly tied up

Wednesday afternoon, January 14th, I returned inworld after my short vacation. Mistress Jenny and I had about one hour to catch up amoung us and with slave kelly, slave Gwen and slave Flo. We spent a short time at Mesmerize Dungeon and we fixed slave Flo in a “Mono Boot Carriage”.

Mistress Jenny wasn’t online at night. I had bought an obelisk and the model of an architectual study in the Cabal store at The Citadel (read Simploring 2019 (9) The Citadel). slave Gwen was present and watched while I selected a place for both at home. Our homesim has quite some sculptures and art pieces in the meanwhile which remind me of my simploring tours and visits to exhibitions. When I was done I took slave Gwen to Mesermize Dungeon where slave kelly and slave Flo joined us later.

January 14th: Diomita at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Gwen, slave kelly and slave Flo

slave Gwen had to leave, hence we returned home. I went to our Stonehaven patio and began to fix slave kelly into a bondage frame. I opened her chastity belt and added a stand with a vibrator. It took a while to adjust all chains and hooks and to tighten them but in the end slave kelly was perfectly fixed and helpless just as I wanted her to be. slave Flo had to watch following me with her mono boot carriage.

January 14th at our Stonehaven patio: Diomita fixing slave kelly into a bondage frame, slave Flo watching

I teased slave kelly and admired my own work for a while. After the freedom slave kelly had at the end of last year, this was exactly what I had in mind for her. I placed my living art work in a cage, played with my remotes and watched slave kelly and I was not surprised at all that she peed …
slave kelly moans and slips into complete submission, letting her aches slip into that buttery pain that arouses her so, the relentless vibe increasing her arousal tremendously…..she peers out through the cage, realizing that she’ll be an odd attraction for any passers by

January 14th: slave kelly tied up at our Stonehaven patio

What a fun night!

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