Simploring 2019 (10) Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery

I came across Gem Preiz and his fractal art in 2017 and I follow his exhibitions and art ever since. Now I got an invitation from Gem to visit his “Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery

Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery is located in a huge sci-fi building complex. When you arrive you’re overwhelmed by the dimensions. I didn’t count the exhibited pictures but there’re for sure more than 100. Gem’s greeter welcomed me: “Welcome to my Fractal Art Gallery. Enjoy the visit. Use stairs, teleport signs, flight or double-click to reach the various floors

Right next to where you arrive is a board where you can grab a notecard about Gem and about all is exhibtions in Second Life since 2012.
Gem Preiz “is educated in science and mathematics and is fond of anything related to Nature, Cosmos and Earth, from astronomy to geology. The world of fractals is, in the same way, ruled by Mathematics functions which, as Physics do in Nature, enable to create objects which features repeat themselves at every scale. There lies his passion for fractals: create thanks to the power and pureness of the Mathematical concept, images the complexity of which can suggest Nature beings, objects or sceneries.

Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery provides an overview of Gem’s work. His fractals reach from sci-fi towns and objects to colourful fantasy elements, from spirals to structures reminding of jewels. Some of the pictures are really huge and fill a whole wall. You can interactively change these large pictures and display others.

Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery has also some quite closed rooms dedicated to a single theme but most of the gallery is in one open and lightflooded room. You can explore the various levels either on foot using stairs of you can use teleporters. One of teleporters brings you to the terrace of the building and zooming out you get an impression of the complex. It didn’t surprise me that Gem created a facinating building that is a piece of art itself and contains elements of his former work.

I enjoyed visiting Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery. It is intriguing to look at the fractals and to try to find the Underlying mathematic function. Despite the spirals I never succeed to find it. If you don’t know Gem Preiz’ fractal art yet, the gallery provides a great introduction and overview about fractals. And if you know Gem Preiz’ art already, you will visit his gallery most probably anyway – like I did. Thank you, Gem!

Landmark to Gem Preiz Fractal Art Gallery

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