Simploring 2019 (15) Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld

Once again I picked a destination from SL Destinations “Silent Town: The Otherworld”. The landmark description was intriguing although more fitting to the Halloween season: “Welcome to Secondlife’s ‘Otherworld’. Bringing a new meaning to the word “horror” in SL. Created for fans and by Silent Hill and video game fans.
It turned out that this was not one of my usual simploring tours ….

Arriving at Silent Town: The Otherworld

When I arrived, I had to accept experiences and I explored the place where I landed. It was dark and foggy. The environment noise was a bit scary and I couldn’t see far. I looked at the map, that hang right next to a bus stop, but that didn’t really help me. Hence I began to explore walking along the street very carefully. And woooosh …. I was teleported to another street … ok. The scene I saw was not really scaring, but for sure no place you’d like to be in reality. A wrecked car was burning right next to me.
I continued my tour passing a dead body behind garbage tons and an wrecked ambulance. Around the corner was the fire department – but the fire truck, which just had left the department, was broken too.
I walked in … and suddently was surrounded by scary creatures who came closer to me, first 2 of them, then 4, then 6 …. they all wore hoover texts “100”, which indicated that they are part of a game experience.
At this point, I thought I’d get more information and looked up the profile of one of the creators (or the creator?) of “Silent Town: The Otherworld“, Jiho Eli Slayer Tempest (shirotempest):
Jiho is Leader of Mehael/Tempest Family, Oracle/builder of EVUN and Silent Team of Greenwich Forest and the Otherworld.

Impressions of Silent Town: The Otherworld

In Jiho’s picks I found at least some Information:

Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld 

You’ve never visited most terrifying sim in SL until you visit here. Enjoy eerie atmospheres and bone-chlling scenes in SL’s forest of Greenwich and the otherworld.. Your characters ‘end of the road’, re-created for the fans and by the fans. For visit ‘the Otherworld’, you first must complete your journey through forest. Direct landmark into town has been removed!

Ok, the place I’ve been has no information about it as it is the 2nd part of a journey. Hence I won’t publish it’s landmark here, but the starting point at Greenwich Forest. And that is where I went next.
Upon landing I got a full background story for this game. Actually it is a quest, an adventure game, built within the environment of SL and using its possibilities. And yes, it is a horror quest *winks*. Here’s the background story:

Troubled Past

Something is calling you home. There’s the unbearable feeling that there’s something you must do. Or someone you must see… Lingering… waiting… You’ve made a decision to return to your childhood town, Silent Hill. You don’t have a lot of memories of this town. In fact, all you can remember is that the people who lived there began to act strangely and weren’t themselves. It was as if a disease was spreading throughout the town that showed no symptoms other than psychological issues.

Disturbed by the sudden changes taking place there, your parents decided Silent Hill was no longer a suitable place to raise a child. Weeks later, they moved out of that town. Your life onwards was fairly decent, minus a few hurtles and bumps. Your father suffered a heart attack not even a year later after moving. For years you grew up with your mother, widowed and somewhere in the countryside of Louisiana. Life was peaceful. Money was a little hard to come by and you became the bread winner of your small family. Your mother passed away of natural causes, but before her death she began giving you small hints of family secrets you have yet to know about. As time progressed, other rumors and stories began cropping up from locals in your neighborhood. This began to spark your interest and you became intrigued with your mysterious past. And let’s not forget the most suppressing reality of it all; re-occurring dreams of someone calling for you. “What’s taking you so long?” a voice in the dark shadows would call out, screeching something long and heavy against the ground as it followed close behind him.
It’s a cool night in fall. You take a drive down a familiar route. After your car’s engine fails to start back up at the pit stop, you stumble upon a small entrance way leading into the forest of Greenwich. The fog is thick and coats the mountains and shores of Toluca Lake. Just across the lake from beyond the parking lot, you can faintly make out the tops of buildings of that familiar town that was once your home. Returning to gaze at your surroundings, you notice that you’re suddenly cut off from all ends of the highway. The path which lay ahead of your car is closed off and the bridge which you previously had traveled across only fifteen minutes prior, is strangely no longer accessible. Or for better words… destroyed.

Arriving at Greenwich Forest

“What’s going on?”
With growing curiosity about the townspeople and the inability to find help elsewhere, you can’t help but approach the broken hole in the fence which lay ahead of you. From there, your journey begins.

And there are rules which you can and have to read when you start your way to Greenwich Forest. You also get a HUD, that attaches itself when experiences are accepted. There are more objects, you’ll have to find, for example Robbie Rabbit dolls, which will provide notes of which you have form a sentence. At some point you will also need weapons, provided by the sim, in order to survive.

I made my way to The Otherworld skipping the forest and explored the subway and some of the canalisation. You can save your location at certain points: “Since the experience is so big, it can take hours to explore everything. Most red glowing “seals” have landmarks. Once you’ve found one, click the texts on these screens to save your point and return later…

At Silent Hill – the lower right picture shows a seal to take landmarks, if you want to interrupt the adventure

My simploring time was up and I finished my simploring tour to Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld. If you like horror and quests, Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld might provide many hours of fun – and if not, then just visit to take some pictures of the dirty urban environment, it makes a great background.
Thank you Jiho Eli Slayer Tempest (shirotempest) and the whole team for providing this horror adventure.

Lndmark to Greenwich Forest and The Otherworld

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