Simploring 2019 (31) Quebec City

My simploring tour on Friday, March 8th, brought me to “Quebec City / where art & music lives (in the Canadian Spring)“. I came across it by looking up SL Destinations.

Quebec City is a moderate sim, owned by a group named “PSY CITY citizen” which was founded by Louise Françoise de Dampierre (felizitas barbosa). I assume that Louise owns Quebec City. The landing point is in the middle of a crossing. Looking around there’s the fire department, a drive-in movie theatre, and a dead end road leading to the coast. In the background you see the typcial mix of highrise houses and lower houses. Quebec City is not dirty, yet it isn’t neat and clean neither, just as you’d expect it.

Impressions of Quebec City (1) – around the landing point and at the shore (lower right)

I first went to the coast and the pier with the motor yacht. There’s also a waterplane and a submarine. I admit it made me smile seeing the lobster sign of Nantucket, that I have seen in several sims already. We’re in Canda, in the French part of Canada. Of course, there’s lobster in Canada, but for sure not in Nantucket *winks*. I loved the dead shark hanging at the pier. The poor fish has even a name: Bruce.

Impressions of Quebec City (2) – at the shore, Diomita meets the shark Bruce (upper left)

Walking back from the shore, I first walked up and down the the street with the open air drive-in movie theatre. Besides the fire department, there’s a police station right across it. On the other side is a gas station, a dinner and an old residential home. This home is private. And as Louise was present and inside, I assume that it is her private home. Across the street of her home is the park of Quebec City, a little oasis in the town. If you blind out the highrise buildings in the background, you could imagine being in pure nature.

Impressions of Quebec City (3) – exploring the town: Police department (upper left), gas station and diner (upper right), residential home of Louise (lower left) and city park (lower right)

I continued exploring the town and found a night club named “Le Lotus Bleu”, I saw a patisserie, a shop for records, a fashion shop and a museum “Musée des Beaux Arts”. I visited the Zoo. Quebec City offers what you’d expect from a larger town. Did I mention that the street signs are French?

Impressions of Quebec City (4) – exploring the town: “Le Louts Bleu” exterior and interior (upper pictures), the zoo (lower left) and inside the “Musée des Beaux Arts” (lower right)

My next stop was the hotel. When you enter it, it really feels like the lobby of a hotel that could be anywhere in the world, a reception, a few chairs, clocks showing the time of New York, Paris and Baghdad. A luggage cart with some suitcases stands in the middle of the room. At the reception is a wall with room keys, some pictures decorate the walls and at the end of the entrance hall is an elevator.

Impressions of Quebec City (5) – exploring the town: The hotel (upper left), the entrance hall with the reception (upper right), the gentleman lounge (lower left) and FIXPOINT PHOTO Agency & Studio (lower right)

The elevator leads up to the gentleman lounge, which offers a bar, coosy chairs, billard, a piano … and two intimate rooms upstairs, one named “Dungeon” and one named “Red Room”. No wonder that I of all people found these rooms in Quebec City! The Dungeon itself was empty though, but had a nice bathroom and the Red Room was also more or less empty. Both are either not yet installed or there’s a new usage planned for them.
After visiting the hotel I walked to FIXPOINT PHOTO Agency & Studio. In Louise’s picks I found that they offer high quality model photo shootings.

I further explored the town and took a few more pictures. I recommend visiting the small chapel at the shore, it’s really lovely inside. I also discovered the underworld ot Quebec City. At some points you can enter the sewers. Last but not least I stopped by the diner once again. There’s a sign welcoming you to “Psy City”. Is Quebec City also named “Psy City”? I have no idea, and I didn’t find anything fitting on the internet.


Impressions of Quebec City (6) – exploring the town: The Chapel (upper left), record store and fashion shop (upper right), in the underworld of Quebec City (lower left) and “Welcome to Psy City” (lower right)

Quebec City is worth a visit, a little piece of France in North America. The town offers a lot of what you’d expect and is a great background for roleplaying as well as for taking pictures. I enjoyed exploring it. Thank you, Louise Françoise de Dampierre (felizitas barbosa) for providing this place to us all!

Landmark to Quebec City

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  1. Louise Françoise de Dampierre
    Mar 17, 2019 @ 11:48:12

    hank you for the great article about my Sim Québec City


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