Diary 2019 (36) March 10th/11th Tea at Psi’s

There’s not really much to report for the diary about Sunday, March 10th. I had a nice simploring tour in the afternoon.
At night Mistress Jenny and I were at Mesmerize Dungeon with Angelique and slave Flo. Angelique comes up with a new creative outfit almost every day lately and that night she once again selected a nice combination of harnesses, chastity belt and clear latex.
In the course of the evening Mistress Jenny pulled more and more information from Angelique as well as from me about the night before when I was alone with Angelique. Neither Angelique nor I did dare to lie to Mistress Jenny. Mistress Jenny did enjoy teasing me in particular.

March, 10th at Mesmerize Dungeon: Diomita, Angelique, slave Flo, Mistress Jenny

We returned home and her a skipee as teams and this time Mistress won it together with slave Flo against Angelique and me. And that’s it already about Sunday.

Monday, March 11th, Mistress Jenny and I caught up with our mutal news while being at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava. Mistress Jenny was prevented from being inworld at night.

March, 11th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at club Domme a Domme and at Puerto Esclava

I met Angelique at home and she had a surprise for me again. She looked like the young me and wore a nice red and white latex dress. She was tired and anounced she’d go to bed soon once she had finished drinking her tea in RL. slut cecy came inworld and Angelique and I went to Psi’s realm to look after our slut.

March, 11th: Diomita and Angelique Maurer

Spontaneously I rezzed a Mistress chair at Psi’s realm and asked Angelique to have a seat after I selected a pose for her drinking tea. I rewarded slut cecy and let her kneel in front of Angelique. She could enjoy the view while Angelique sipped her tea. Of course our slut was soon drippin’ again and melting. Angelique left when she had finished drinking her tea and I sat down on the chair instead – drinking coffee (also in RL) *winks*.

March, 11th: Diomita and Angelique with slave slut cecy at Psi’s realm

I continued teasing slut cecy, exposing her and her steady desire to cum. I fixed slut cecy on a rack and invited “BC (Baroness Capelo)’s twin” Sara over. That was fun … and poor slut cecy wasn’t allowed to cum in both worlds.

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