Simploring 2019 (32) Salt Water

I came across Salt Water following Inara Pey’s “Living in a Modemworld” blog and read her post “A dip into Salt Water in Second Life“.

“The cure for anything is Salt Water — in one form or another, sweat, tears or the Salt Sea.”
Beach, Sunset, Couples, Mexico, Belize Mayan Ruins and Roatan. Sim and homes are open to everyone.
is what you find in the landmark profile. Salt Water is owned by Kye (Kyevaiy)

Salt Water

The (adult) homestead has been designed and created by Tippy Wingtip. Kye wrote in her profile that Tippy completed her sim based on the photographs she got from Kye take at her trips to Mexico, Belize and Roatan.

Impressions of Salt Water (1)

The landing is on a rocky high plateau with Aztec ruins. Angelique accompanied me on my visit to Salt Water. We first enjoyed the view from the high plateau to the beaches and the shore and to the rain forest below, then we went exploring.
Salt Water is just beautiful, a paradise to enjoy and a great place to take pictures. On our way to the beach we came along some waterfalls and we saw a nice event and dance area. We walked along wooden paths at the beach and went into the 2 houses at Salt Water. At one, I met Kye and we had a nice chat. She once again confirmed that also the houses are public, she has a skybox as her private retreat. She also told me that Salt Water was opened to the public just recently.

Impressions of Salt Water (2)

A smaller island can be accessed by a bridge built of a tree. I found the rests of an old temple almost fully hidden by trees and plants. Not only here you also find several places to rest, to cuddle, to sit, to dance or to just enjoy togetherness with a loved one.

Impressions of Salt Water (3)

The nature and the whole set-up of Salt Water is a bit different to what I saw so far in Second Life. The rain forest, the Aztec ruins, the beaches, the paths, everything fits together and forms this little paradies. I haven’t ever been to Mexcio, Belize or Roatan but I’m pretty sure that Kye must feel like being in her own personal paradise when she spends time in Salt Water.

Impressions of Salt Water (4)

Thank you Kye (Kyevaiy) for providing and sharing your place with the public! Thank you Tippy Wingtip for designing. I really enjoyed my visit to Salt Water.

Landmark to Salt Water
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A dip into Salt Water in Second Life”

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