Simploring 2019 (33) Provincial Life and High Rock

Inspired by SL Destinations and by Inara Pey’s blogpost “A Provincial Life in Second Life” I made a simploring tour to Provincial Life.

Provincial Life is a (moderate) homestead owned by Hania Amidst (amberfff). In the landmark description Hania wrote about it:
The quiet simple life for me. Lots of little photo ops. and connected to High Rock for extended exploration. Please be respectful and have fun.

Provincial Life, High Rock and Provincial Life too – overview

In fact I didn’t just visit Provincial Life but also High Rock and Provincial Life too, different plots of one and the same homestead. I didn’t go to the 2nd Island on this homestead as it is obviously private.

Provincial Life is rural, beautiful and and offers wonderful views with many opportunities to take pictures. Close to the landing is a small house, fully furnished and sort of a spontaneous event area with a truck which loading area is used as a stage. Wild horses graze peacefully not only here but on the whole Island, an old rusted tractor is used to adverstise a farmer market, cats, dogs and other pets roam around.

Impressions of Provincial Life

Not far from the house is a nice spot at the shore to sit and mediate and a cosy hut, where you can just enjoy the environment and cuddle. Walking along the path to the inner island you get to another lovely small house, furnished and decorated, surrounded by grasland and grazing horses.

The other part of the island is named “High Rock”. No surprise, that it is dominated by a high rock, which is painted with graffiti, natives, a rainbow, hearts and other pictures. Below of it is a nice pond, more places to relax and sit and chat. I walked up the rock and the view from there down is just beautiful. There’re again several places to sit and to cuddle.

Impressions of High Rock (1)

Walking back and in another direction I came to a gazebo. Do I need to mention that it is furnished and offers lovely seats? *winks*. And nearby I met a grizzly. Thank god, it’s Second Life and I could even take a picture of me with the grizzly.

Impressions of High Rock (2)

Nearby is another beach. It belongs to Provincial Life too. I enjoy sitting there, took some more pictures and walked over to the house overlooking the beach. There’re sheeps grazing …. and they don’t mind that a group of grizzlies watch them. I didn’t go inside of the house, as it does look private.

Impressions of Provincial Life Too

Provincial Life and High Rock is a nice place for exploring and for taking pictures. It felt like a short vacation for me, it radiates peace and sereneness and is simply fun.

Thank you, Hania Amidst (amberfff), for sharing your place with the public. I enjoyed!

Landmark to Provincial Life
Inara Pey’s blogpost “A Provincial Life in Second Life”

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