Simploring 2019 (53) Black Mire – around hi-cafe

For my simploring tour on Wednesday, April 24th, I selected “hi-cafe” from SL Destinations.

Overview Black Mire – around hi-cafe

The hi-cafe is center parcel 3 parcels on the mainland region Black Mire. The 3 parcels “+AND OR NOT+”, owned by ʢあほうどりʡ (8asuka8), “hi-cafe“, owned by hitsu Ruby, and “*suzuya* Mainstore”, owned by .ʚすずɞ. (Suzurin Karu) build a coherent unit around a canal.

Impressions of hi-cafe (1)

The landing point is just opposite of the hi-cafe, where you can sit and talk or where you can enjoy all the little details in the cafe itself. The hi-cafe is really worth a visit. I saw already many cafes in Second Life, but this one is for sure amoung the best I saw so far. Well done! I enjoyed just sitting there for a while before I continured exploring. All three parcels are dominted by blooming cherry trees, it almost smells like Spring. Quite close to the cafe you can rent some bikes.

Impressions of hi-cafe (2)

The parcels are separated be arcades. I first visted “+AND OR NOT+” and honestly, besides that it looks lovely, I don’t know what it is about. There’s an ice cafe and some opportunites to sit outside. In one of the buildings there’s a showcase, but you can’t buy anything and in the back of that building is another part of the ice cafe. The second building is empty right now. It might be that I visited just when a refurbishment was under way.

Impressions of “+AND OR NOT+”

On the other side of the hi-cafe is the *suzuya* Mainstore, that offers make-up for Catwa and 6doo heads. The shop consits of a few vendors boards that fit very well into the environment and hence do not disturb the whole look and feel of the 3 parcels. At the end is a greenhouse with a snak bar inside.

Impressions of *suzuya* Mainstore

There’re some little details to discover, like the cats which have fun playing with butterflies or like the litte corner of a street musician next to a fountain. Overall the 3 parcels offer nice opportunities to take pictures in a lovely Spring environment. I mostly kept the provided windlight setting and just switched to my favourite windlight “Annan Adored Realistic ambient” for a few pictures with switched on “Sun/Moon”. Due to the many trees providing shadows, turning them one makes no sense in most cases.

More impressions of Black Mire – around hi-cafe

hicafe and it’s adjacent parcels “+AND OR NOT+” and *suzuya* Mainstore build a nice unit, that is really worth a visit. I enjoyed my trip. Thank you , hitsu Ruby, ʢあほうどりʡ (8asuka8) and .ʚすずɞ. (Suzurin Karu) for providing your place to the public!

Landmark to Black Mire – hi-cafe

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  1. Suzu
    May 07, 2019 @ 08:38:09

    Thank you soooooo much<333


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