Simploring 2019 (57) Sofia in Springtime

For my simploring tour on May 8th I picked “Sofia” from SL Destinations. Sofia is a moderate homestead owned by Agaras. There’s no real landmark description, just one word “Springtime”. And the sim is designed for Spring.

Impressions of Sofia: around the landing point and sim overview

Sofia is an island with no simsurround, just on one side there’re mountains in the background. The landing point is almost in the center, close to a large pond and to a sign “Sofia” with the word S p r i n g above it. The sun rays are broken by the wet air and dive the environment in a lovely atmosphere. The region windlight is nice but I personally prefer my standard Setting and used it for my pictures.

Impressions of Sofia in Springtime (1)

Sofia is first of all a sim to enjoy the nature. There’re many flowerbeds and nature seemingly explodes to life. Birds circle steadily over the sim. You can find rabbits, horses and deers peacefully grazing. Sometimes you see a trail like the one leading to a bridge. This trail is lined with lavender, lovely! Along the pond you find several places to sit and relax or to cuddle with your loved one.

Impressions of Sofia in Springtime (2)

I found only 3 buildings at Sofia. The above mentioned trail leads to the biggest house named “Chez Niki”. Before you reach it, you come along several rows of wine grapes. Chez Niki is furnished inside and offers a romatic place to sit inside as well as outside. The other 2 buildings are a small hut which I named “heart hut” because of the heart above the entrance and a gazebo to dance. Apropos dancing: You’ll find quite some places to dance at Sofia, mostly outdoor. Instead of the usual intan ball on a pole, the intan animations are provided by the sculpture of a dancing couple.
I also found several pieces of art scattered over the island, I tried some of the offered places to sit and I enjoyed Spring and all the flowers.

Impressions of Sofia in Springtime (3)

Sofia is the perfect place to retreat for a romantic date. The views are great and Spring is a very particular season as everything comes to life again and we humans also kind of wake up every year in Spring, enjoying the first warm days, going out without a thick coat, without freezing. Agaras profile has the according quote to express it:
If you once realize that to-morrow, if not to-day, you will die and nothing will be left of you, everything becomes insignificant! (Leo Tolstoy)“.
Hence live now and today, enjoy Spring, smell the flowers.

Impressions of Sofia in Springtime (4)

Thank you for providing Sofia to the public, Agaras. I really enjoyed exploring it and the particular atmosphere of Spring.

Landmark to Sofia

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