Simploring 2019 (58) Black Kite

For my simploring tour on Saturday, May 11th, I selected “Black Kite“, which exsists since 2011 (just like our own homesim). Accordingly there’re quite some blog posts about it already. Nonetheless I had never heard about it before until I came across it on SL Destinations.

Black Kite – overview and around the landing point (pictures taken with the original windlight setting)

Black Kite is an adult homestead owned by Cloudy (theblackcloud Oh), it is her home. There’s a private corner and you’re kindly asked to resepct it. Also flying above 300 m height is unwanted. You are visiting as a guest. It is also home for her friend iBi (8f8)’s store “8f8 Creations”, which offers a broad variety of decorations and a bit of everything at Black Kite. On the marketplace, 8f8 also offers male clothing.

Impressions of Black Kite (1) – lower right picture shows the 8f8 creations store

Upon your landing you stand in water up to the ankely. You should either wear gumboots or have a towel with you. The windlight setting of Black Kite is selected thoughtfully and provides an artful almost fairy-tale atmosphere. Unfortunally due to a malfunction of my viewer, the stars in the sky appear as black dots and therefore I selected another windlight setting for most of my pictures. I also tried setting midnight, a setting where you will see special light effects provided by Cloudy. I strongly recommend to switch to midnight at least for some views.

Impressions of Black Kite (2)

From the landing point you can choose to turn left or right to reach the wooden paths that will allow you exploring Black Kite on dry foot. But inbetween you have to walk through water. Besides the store there are containers along the wooden paths. Most of them are artfully and stylish decorated hideaways offering seats, chairs and beds with single and couple and adult animations. There’s a lot to discover, pieces of art and artful decorations and lights are spread all over the sim.

Impressions of Black Kite (3)

There’s of course also a kite – “go fly a kite” is the subtitle of the sim. You can’t miss the the kite but I couldn’t fly one. Maybe I just didn’t find out how to. Instead I flew myself (thanks to the magic of Second life), which provides a total different view on Black Kite with amazing views.

Impressions of Black Kite (4) – left side pictures with windlight setting “Midnight”, right pictures show a comparison between the original windlight setting and “Midnight”

While I was simploring Black Kite, Mistress Jenny came inworld and we used one of the containers to cuddle and talk and to enjoy the view. I took some nice close-up pictures of Mistress and me.

Impressions of Black Kite (5) – enjoying some togetherness with Mistress Jenny

Black Kite is a romantic fairy-tale place which offers a lot of opportunities for taking pictures, enjoying creative art and to retreat with your loved one. Thank you Cloudy (theblackcloud Oh) for sharing your place with the public for so many years already!

Landmark to Black Kite
8f8 Creations on the marketplace

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