Backflash May 2019 – Euro Brats HQ (May 30th, 2010)

Back in May 2013 we had the idea of starting a regular picture series named “Enjoying Bondage”. And since then I published one “Enjoying Bondage” picture every month. Time really flies! I wasn’t aware of it but this month the series has it’s 6th anniversary.
Sometimes I scroll back in our blog, for example when I want to know when we started with the Enjoying Bondage series or when I want to check if I have visited a sim before. And then I begin reading about our Second Life 6 years ago, or 8 yeares ago, or about a visit to a sim one year ago. That led to the idea of a second monthly series for our blog. In this series I will select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might give reason to browse through the archives. I decided to name the new series “Backflash”

In this first entry of the Backflash series we travel back in time to May 30th, 2010, when I published a post about our home at Rivers Rock. We lived there from end of 2008 until October 2010. It was the first land we owned and looking at the pictures brings back a lot of memories. In addition our homeplace looked quite simple and in addition the graphic capabilities at least of my computer were quite limited.

So much for openers …. here’s the post of May 30th, 2010 “Euro Brats HQ”

Sometimes it’s time for a change. Since some time in 2008 we have a plot in Rivers Rock and the overall design didn’t change much. So now we felt it’s time for a change. We could enlarge our plot as our neighbors moved away. And after the idea was born we began looking for a new house. That kept us busy for the last days. In the end we decided for a beach house in a caribean Style and for a second house in an Asian style that we’ll use for mostly for playing. The main constructions works are done now and we look forward enjoying our old new home. Friends and family are always welcome !

See you inworld … Dio

Jenny wrote a comment:
Diomita spent a lot of time and gave a lot of thought to making our home a happy and welcoming place for our family and friends. I helped where I was able, but the praise must go to my wife for a wonderful job.
We both hope to see as many of you here as we can.
Love Jen

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