June 5th – Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary

Today is the 9th anniversary of Jenny’s collaring day. On June 5th, 2008, I collared Jenny as my slave and property. These nine years were splitted in 3 different phases. From 2008 until 2011 I was myself collared by Yasmin Heartsdale and part of her “Yasmin’s brat pack”. Hence also my slave Jenny was part of this brat pack. It was a time that coined our Second Life up until today. I met Jenny at Stonehaven, a very popular sim at that time, and there’re still people around who rave about this laggy sim, that was the beginning of a D/s Second Life for many. I had a skybox there with a double door cage and it was there, Jenny did her trial for me to become mine. And October 24th, 2008, we got officially married in Second Life.

We had fun at Stonehaven as well as on Yasmin’s homesims. We didn’t see her very often due to time difference as she’s located in the US. It was just consequent that I founded my own little family within Yasmin’s brat pack and that is how the Eurobrats came alive. The first Friday night party with our dj Virgo Babii was at Yasmin’s homesim “Rivers Rock”, where the Eurobrats also hold a plot and had their first family headquarter. Actually Rivers Rock was owned by one of Yasmin’s brat, Sam (Samatha Congrejo), who left SL all of a sudden and we lost our first home due to that.

This first phase ended in 2011, when Yasmin and I didn’t find a base together anymore and she released me. From that day on, the Eurobrats were an own independant family, that still exsists while Yasmin’s brat pack vanished 2 years later. It was also in 2011 that we moved to Mount Everest, our home up until today. After a few months without wearing any collar Jenny and I became mutally owned. We switched back and forth, but I decided when and for how long I gave control to her. Jenny developed into the domme at my side during this second phase. Our family grew and changed with time. Nowadays just Kitty (Santana Thibedeau) is left from our orginial family. Some have left without any word unfortunately. We celebrated wedding days, collaring anniversaries and rezzdays. And we noticed that I myself had no collaring anniversary. Therefore we picked a date that fitted best into the family calendar of events, April 21st, 2013, as my collaring day. We further developed together as a domme couple. Jenny’s self confidence and her domme side flourished. The decision about who of the two of us is in control switched to her. It was a slow but constant change until I fully submitted to my former slave on the occasion of our 8th wedding day, October 24, 2016. While she was my Ehesklavin (German for married slave) for the first 8 years, I became her Ehesklavin now and the swap was completed – and the second phase of our relation ended.

Nowadays, in the 3rd phase of our Second Life together, we’re still a domme couple. I head the family like I did since the Eurobrats were founded back in 2008. Mistress Jenny is my collared property, she’s mine. I am still very possessive about her and I will always be. But I accepted my place. I’m a domme, Mistress to our subs and slaves and I don’t kneel for anybody but for Mistress Jenny. She’s in control and I am her Ehesklavin. It is up to her grant control over her to me for a limited time. And today, as we celebrated Jenny’s 9th collaring anniversary, I’m in control as it should be on such an occasion.

We’re blessed to have found each other. We’re dedicated to each other. Thank you for all the years of your love and dedication, of your unconditional submission to me, Jenny. I’m very confident that there are many more years to come. We will continue to develop and we will see where it leads us to.

Happy collaring anniversary, Jenny, my love

Diary (37) April 25th

Just another diary blog entry…..
Our slaves Flo, Nina and Gebby are now in a very basic outfit, just serious shackles and different clothing. sklavin Gebby selected a catsuit with the shakles and we approved it. She may change it as long as it fits to the overall look. slave Flo selected a party dress first, but we didn’t approve that, so now she is in lingerie. And slave Nina gave a full overview about her possible outfits and uploaded it to her dA account (http://sgunjin.deviantart.com/). We selected the outfit first, then the colour. slave Nina trapped herself somewhere and couldn’t come home.. so she had to wait there.

slave Flo is testing her limits again. Mistress Jenny told her that I’ll get punished when I’m not strict enough with her and slave Flo took it as an invitation to provoke me to get it strict, like she loves it. This way slave Flo ended tightly locked up in “her” padded cell in our dungeon to think about her behavior (end enjoy).

April 25th: slave Flo in her padded cell at home

April 25th: slave Flo in her padded cell at home

Today I found on slave Nina’s above mentioned dA side that she is back home. slave Flo teleported her directly into her padded cell, so now both of them enjoy the padded cell. She commented her picture of the scene: “Nina’s slave-sister Flo was online when Nina logged in. Nina asked if Flo could provide her teleportation, and indeed she could! Of course, Flo happened to be in a padded cell at the time, so that’s where Nina ended up too. Quite nice and comfy cell, except I think Flo had peed on the floor… :) 

April 25th: slaves Flo and Nina in the padded cell at home (picture "cellemates_005" taken by sgunjin aka. slave Nina)

April 25th: slaves Flo and Nina in the padded cell at home (picture “cellemates_005” taken by sgunjin aka. slave Nina)

You might ask where slave cecy is? Well, she’s still at Ropers playground and I visited her shortly tonight to cheer her up and to keep up her excitement.

April 25th: Diomita visiting living latex doll slave cecy at Ropers

April 25th: Diomita visiting living latex doll slave cecy at Ropers

Later Jenny and Kitty came online and we decided to take Kitty for a ride with the rollercoaster at Stonehaven (see April 23rd: The River Rock club at Stonehaven). I can tell that Kitty did enjoy the ride to the fullest! She was also excited about the double coincidence Stonehaven & River Rock. And Jenny and I had fun again too.
20160525 StonehavenOur night ended very relaxed at club DeLust where we caught up and winded down. I took this picture of Mistress Jenny and myself as it shows my new collar very well and you can see the difference to Mistress Jenny’s collar that is smaller.

April 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita

April 25th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita



The River Rock club at Stonehaven

The River Rock club at Stonehaven

The River Rock club at Stonehaven

Before yesterday I got an ad for a black cocktail dress from a shop named “Hardcore”. It was quite an offer (50L) and looked nice. Although I never heard about this shop I wanted to take a look at it and followed the link –  and landed at a rock club which was surrounded by stores and one of them was the said shop. I got the cocktail dress and it is really nice. But that’s nothing to keep for the blog. What caught my attention even more was the name: River Rock club at Stonehaven. What a double coincidence! Stonehaven, the root of our family in SL, the place and the people who coined our whole SL. And Rivers Rock was our first home after Stonehaven. We lost Rivers Rock as Sam didn’t pay the tier one day, but we still have lots of best memories to this place. For the name alone we had to take a closer look. And today Mistress Jenny and I visited the River Rock club at Stonehaven.

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I at the River Rock club at Stonehaven

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I at the River Rock club at Stonehaven

We looked around at the a rock club, There’s a concert of Halestorm tomorrow (Sunday 24th), but too late for us in Europe. So I assume that the club is more frequented by people from the US. We had a look at the stores and then went exploring the rest. The club is embedded in a large entertainment park. You can get a nice overview by takeing the cable car, what we did.

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I at the River Rock club at Stonehaven taking the cable car to get an overview

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I at the River Rock club at Stonehaven taking the cable car to get an overview

The tour is fun yet a bit too long. The entertainment park that is right next to the rock club has a rollercoaster, a ferris wheel and other attractions. Mistress and I took the rollercoaster and we had really fun!

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I riding the rollercoaster at the river rock club, Stonehaven (1)

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I riding the rollercoaster at the river rock club, Stonehaven (1)

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I riding the rollercoaster at the river rock club, Stonehaven (2)

April 23rd: Mistress Jenny and I riding the rollercoaster at the river rock club, Stonehaven (2)

Another ride we tried out was the rocket to the moon. Mistress went first and was waiting for me on the moon. Of course we took a picture there. It is the third day I am wearing my new collar and I get more and more used to it and in particular to it’s meaning for Mistress Jenny and myself. The picture could be called “Mistress Jenny and Diomita on the moon” or …. “submission on the moon”.

April 23rd: submission on the moon

April 23rd: submission on the moon


Our Friday night parties and other stuff

Our Friday night parties are a fixed date in our weekly calendar. We had them since 2009 when Sam (samatha.congrejo), who left SL long ago, provided a sim for Yasmin and the brat pack – Rivers Rock. There she erected a store and a club – the BRATZ club. And Virgo played the tunes every Friday night. Suddently Rivers Rock was gone when Sam left SL but we kept the Friday night parties and always found a place for it. The party is a real tradition that we don’t want to miss. Sometimes Tyra sets up a theme, sometimes Virgo just picks what comes to her mind. And Virgo is for sure the best dj in whole SL (I’m biased but i can be biased). The party is always nice and the music is great but it is even better when we have many guests. Then we have some nice banters and chat while dancing and not just everyone being in IM. So this blog entry is also sort of an advertisement for the party. Last night we had quite a crowd and that was pure fun until early morning.
So come and join the fun. The party is every Friday at 9 PM (GMT) / 1 PM (SL time).

The Friday night party - every Friday at 9 PM GMT

The Friday night party – every Friday at 9 PM GMT

Today my niece Angelique and I had a short conversation and she really said “I’m the most innocent family member”. For me that is the joke of the day that I wanted to share here. Ok, I admit in the picture below she really looks quite innocent, just her skirt is a bit short for her innocence.

Aunt and niece

Aunt and niece

One last thing: Jenny and I were looking for some trouble and fun outside of our family. We do that rarely and it is not that easy to find a someone for it. I don’t know yet how it will develop. But as the blog is still also our diary, it should be mentioned here. I won’t reveal any details but this picture is of last Thursday and i cut out our kidnapper. We’re still having fun inworld.

Jenny and Dio in trouble

Jenny and Dio in trouble

Tyra made a series of interviews that she publishes now. The link to her blog and thus to all the other interviews is in our links list. We enjoyed the interview a lot and it is a fine summary about our love for SL. Thank you Tyra!

Tyralove's Blog


This Q&A session is a face to face interview with Diomita Maurer and her partner Jenny Maurer.

The first one of its type posted.

So it should keep you lot happy till next week……..I hope!! ((All excluding Pet that is *winks*))

Dio was a former sister of mine to Yasmin.

The first notable memory of us meeting was when Dio was on her trial to Yas, locked in a capsule, stirring at a blank wall, for 2 weeks plus.

Not my idea of fun but there you go.

I tried to visit her when i could to help her through this and we became close friends as a result of this, and still are.

Jenny i met through Dio.

I have images in my head of her wearing a hooped black and white latex catsuit, prisoner style….locked in Dio cage at her Stonehaven home.

If you come to Mount Everest…

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The dojo is back

Last night we went simploring and saw a bed with animations for 3 and more women that inspired us. We were together with a domme friend and she and I spoiled Jenny on this bed. That was spontaneous fun! Consequently the idea arised to get the bed for us and the Eurobrats. We went to the shop and found a bed just for girls that will provide animations for up to 6 of us – and we couldn’t resist buying it. But where to put it at Eurobrats headquarter? It needs to be where we gather as it is a family bed. Jenny came up with the idea of reactivating our dojo that we had at Rivers Rock. Some of you might remember it. It is a large Japanese one room house. At Rivers rock we had our shibari racks and toys in it.

According to Wikipedia “a dojo is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the way”. Initially, dojos were adjunct to temples. The term can refer to a formal training place for any of the Japanese do arts but typically it is considered the formal gathering place ….” … for the Eurobrats.

The dojo at Eurobrats Headquarters

The inside of the dojo at Eurobrats Headquarters

Inside the new family bed is in the center of the room and two shibari racks were added for subs to watch or to watch them. We look forward to new shared family fun at the dojo. Please enjoy!

August 8th, 2011, So I sit here in Yasminia

So I sit here in Yasminia on the small island with the yellow anchor, settings to sundown, listening to the music chanel that Yasmin as chosen and look at Yasmin’s house, the lighthouse, the tree with the pixies. I feel strange beyond all the support and love I expierenced yesterday and today. The collar around my neck is off. Strange my collar is off, Yasmin is wearing a collar now.

So I sit here in Yasminia at the edge of a different SL for me and my family. My view goes over to the house and memories come alive, pictures, scenes, beloved people who left. What did I do? Why? I had crying attacks today. Shall I really write about this? Is this my way to get it off my chest? Do I need to justify? My collar lays in Goddess’ lil skybox on the table. A piece of steel that companied me as a part of my avatar and my SL for 39 months.

I had a great time as Yas’ Enforcer. Goddess reputation, my sisters, her family, the innumerable friends were base of my SL and helped me to become what I am here. All gone now? ‘Life is a bitch’ is one of Goddess’ (now Yasmin for me) most favorite sayings. Moments can’t be held forever, people change, preferences change. Our yearning for new kinks, for progress, for fun and for love keeps us going and moving on. Life is a bitch, everything changes with time. Over the last couple of months I began to question my role in Yasmin’s family. My SL went well, hers went well as she said but they went parallel. Different timezone and RL did add to it. To make it very clear for everyone: It is not Yasmin’s fault, nor is it mine, nor anyone’s else!
My decision to ask for release was facing reality as it is and when I did ask Yasmin expected it. I felt that she was prepared for it. It might be our both fault not having talked earlier.

So I sit here in Yasmina very thankful for what the Eurobrats and I had. Thankful for the respect and dignity with which we ended one chapter and began a new one for both of us, for both families which are and will stay connected. No bad word, no reproaches but sort of mutual understanding that Life is a bitch.

So I sit here in Yasminia my thoughts go back over these 39 months…. Stonehaven, Samatha, Mises West, Rivers Rock, Bratz Club, Teyonas, rabea, Yasminia, Caer Heartsdale, the patio in SH.. the deck at Yasminia, Hotel California, my wedding, Chez Maurer, Yar, Jill, Valerie, the new Yasminia, the pool area, Greedy, the clock with the falling numbers….hundreds, thousands of pictures spring alive. Innumerable family charts still on my harddrive – and now a families chart with 2 families on it.
Thank you for our path together, Yasmin. Thank you for all you provided for me and Jenny and for our subs. I hope and I am confident that our way is not finished but just got a new direction .. and moving on as sisters.

I’ve once been told that my loyality and devotion to Yasmin is undyable. And so I sit here in Yasminia and realize that it is still there, maybe the emphasis has changed. My thankfullness, my love and my trust in my sister is undyable.

I love you Yasmin
August 8th, 2011

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