Jenny’s 11th (!) collaring anniversary

Today marks Jenny’s 11th collaring anniversary. On June 5th, 2008, I took her out of the double door cage at my house in the skies above Stonehaven and locked my collar around her neck. There’s been my collar locked around Jenny’s neck ever since.

We had an incredible journey together so far. We had highs and lows but we sticked together. We kept our relation exciting, be it with the people around us, be it with exploring kinks and new stuff or be it with the balance of power between us. Since 2012 I wear Jenny’s collar locked around my neck, for a couple of years already I am fully submitted to her. She’s my rock and I desire her more than ever. I enjoy the rare times having my wife and property at my feet. We both agree that the switching between us  contributes to keep our relation fresh and exciting.

I never thought, that I collared my future Mistress wife that day back in 2008.
Thank you for being mine, Mistress Jenny.
Nothing compares to you, I love you, Jenny.

Jenny and Diomita Maurer – June 5th, 2019

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  1. jennymaurer
    Jun 05, 2019 @ 20:50:52

    When we joined SL it was still relatively young and evolving. RLV was new and fresh and the idea that people could control others through the medium of SL took off rapidly.
    Leaving keys out was very dangerous and there was a lot of battles for control.

    When I met DIomita she had a home at StoneHaven and was part of a family group. I offered my keys to Diomita because I trusted her 100% from the moment I met her and I have been proven to have a very good judgement of character.

    I am lucky to have met Diomita and the journey we have had together has been incredible.
    Thank you Mistress DIomita my world


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