Simploring 2019 (70) EL PODRIDO

For my simploring tour on Wednesday, June 5th, I selected EL PODRIDO from SL Destinations. EL PODRIDO is an adult homestead owned by Mr Godard and it is an outstanding place for photograhers as well as for explorers.

EL PODRIDO – overview

The sim is build on a mesh platform 100 meter above ground. This way Mr Godard could provide a seemingly endless desert. There’s almost nothing on the first glance but a mountain, the national monument, Ufo Port Mountain at EL PODRIDO.

First impressions of EL PODRIDO

On the second glance, there’s an old abandoned motel, an abandoned gas station, some wrecked cars, a radio mast, a water tower, power cables for supply and 2 campsites. On the third glance there’re so many little details to discover. The spot is not at all uninhabited.

EL PODRIDO – the camp with caravan

The mountain has been an object that attracted tourists in former times, hence the motel, hence the plate designing it as a national monument, hence the gas station for those who came here. And today? My interpretation is that at least one person, maybe a group of persons still have an eye on the mountain, so as if you just have to wait long enough to see an ufo landing on the mountain with it’s platform that really looks suitable for that. The group or the one person lives in a camp nearby in a caravan. The camp around the caravan is full of details, it looks cosy yet a bit weired, a quite new and modern jeep indicates that this camp is inhabited.

EL PODRIDO – water tower garden and the parking lot

And there’s the greenhouse under the water tower. Inside of it you can enjoy cool and wet air, a real little oasis within this desert. Not for from it is the second camp, “The Parking Lot”. It is built by 2 old buses and 2 other trucks like a corral. Inside it is packed with tv screens, cinema screens, sound boxes and a lot of other stuff. You can spend some hours to look at every detail here. Maybe the group, or at least some people gather here regularly to watch the mountain and to watch old documentaries about ufo landings. I don’t know, but I like to speculate *winks*.

EL PODRIDO – the motel

Finally in the motel you’ll find a room with a camera that is still observing what is going on. The equipment and the computers are old but still working and obviously the above mentioned one person or group does check the tapes of the observation camera regularly. There’s also a world map in this room, that might give an overview about observed ufo landings.

EL PODRIDO – gas station and the national monument ufoport mountain

EL PODRIDO, the town of the ufo mountain, is a place you shouldn’t miss. It has an outstanding design, offers extraordinairy backgrounds for photgraphers and there’s so much to see … and to speculate. Thank you very much Mr Godard for creating this place and for sharing it with the public. I enjoyed my visit and am impressed.

Landmark to EL PODRIDO

Update June21st: I got a message from Mr Godard that public access to EL PODRIDO has been suspended, the sim is only accessible for group members at least for right now.

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