Simploring 2019 (73) Cubes by Cica Ghost

Cica Ghost’s last installation “Luna Park” was opened June 15th. I’m glad that I saw it (read Simploring 2019 (72) Luna Park by Cica Ghost) because already yesterday on Monday, June 24th, I got an invitation for “Cubes“, her newest Installation, which was built on the same sim, hence Luna Park has to be removed.

Cica told me that visitor numbers at Luna Park were no satisfying. One reason might have been the SLB16 event, but who knows? Anyway, Cica decided to tear down Luna Park and to make room for something new and when the sim was empty she began to play a bit around with cubes .. for fun. But then she was so content with the result that she decided to share her little experiment.

Cubes by Cica Ghost

Cubes is installed on an empty island. The ground is dry like in a desert and in the corners of the island is one single tree each, more the skeleton of a tree without any leaves. The landing is next to one of these trees and you hear already a strange sound caused by falling blocks made of solid concret. The cubes fall like hail out of a dark sky, they fall randomly, they roll around until all of the engery from the fall is comsumed. They build towers sometimes, their movements are unpredicatable.

Cubes by Cica Ghost – bird’s eye view

The cubes are physcial objects. Therefore you can bit hit by them (luckily in Second life, you’ll survive it when you’re hit). I walked a little bit around, tried to climb up the blocks but I fall down again when the block vanished to make room for new falling blocks. There’re two different sizes of blocks.

As always you’ll have to interpret Cica Chost’s art yourself and everybody does see different things. The quote Cica Ghost gives away with “Cubes” is from Erno Rubik: “The Cube is an imitation of life itself – or even an improvement on life.”

exploring Cubes by Cica Ghost

I can see that Cica had fun experimenting with randomly falling objects. I asked her where she placed her cat because there’s none this time. She didn’t answer my question but I can answer it myself: it is too dangerous for Cica’s cats at “Cubes

Diomita meets Cica Ghost – I tried another brighter windlight setting to get a different impression of “Cubes”

I don’t know how long you might be able to see Cica’s Cubes, even Cica can’t tell and will decide that spontaneously. So hurry up to see it. Thank you Cica for sharing your experiment.

Landmark to Cubes by Cica Ghost

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