Simploring 2019 (78) Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1

For my short simploring tour on Friday, June 28th, I selected “Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1“, furtheron just Hallig Norddeich, from SL Destinations.

Hallig Norddeich does not exist in the physcial world. There’s a village called Norddeich in the borough of Norden in north Germany with about 1,500 inhabitants. More famous is Norddeich radio station which operated almost 100 years, could convey messages throughout Europe and was important for the shipping traffic.

The “Halligen” and the Village Norddeich in Northern Germany

The Halligen are 10 small and barely protected islands located around the island Pellworm in the North Sea. They have areas from 7 to 956 ha, and are often former parts of the mainland, separated therefrom by storm tide erosion. During storm floods they are flooded. Therefor all buildings are erected on small artificial hills. About 200 people live on 7 of the 10 Halligen and nowadays tourism is their main source of income. The Halligen are part of Wattenmeer National Park.

And Nibbevegen? I have no idea! I only found an entry on wikipedia, that Nibbevegen is a toll street in Norway which is open only in Summer and leads on a mountain named Dalsnibba.

Back to Second Life 🙂
Hallig Norddeich is an adult homestead owned by Svenja Maass (minaleiga). It is a place to wind down, to mediate, to relax, to meet with friends and to enjoy the German North Sea Coast. The landing is on a seperate island with a small hut. From there you walk over a wooden bridge to the main island.

Hallig Norddeich – overview

There’s a small shipyard, a pier with a fishing boat, one residential home, a small greenhouse, a shed with a bar inside and another hut with some fishing gear. And that’s it beside seagulls and sheep. Of course there’s a long beach with many opportunities to sit and watch, to cuddle and enjoy. And there are the roofed wicker beach chairs which are very common for the German coast.

Hallig Norddeich – around the landing point (upper and lower left) / the sheep (upper right) / a hut with fishing gear (lower right)

When you visit Hallig Norddeich you can feel the atmosphere of this particular and outstanding nature reserve. I enjoyed my visit a lot and it felt like a short vacation on the North Sea shore. And that’s the intention of the owner of Hallig Norddeich, Svenja Maass (minaleiga).

Hallig Norddeich – the shipyard

Hallig Norddeich – the residential house, the greenhouse and the shed with bar

There are some oddities though that made me smile, like the English signs at the shipyard and other English signs. In the bar however you find German signs and a nice joke about tourists showing two seagulls talking to eachother “Shall we poop on tourists?” … “Great idea”.

Diomita enjoying her short vacation at Hallig Norddeich

The many nice spots at the beach and around the buildings are invited to slow down and enjoy. Most of them contain also adult poses. During my visit I was all alone (which would never happen when visiting a Hallig in RL).
Thank you Svenja, for creating Hallig Norddeich and for sharing it with the public. I had fun exploring it and writing about it.

Landmark to Hallig Norddeich, Nibbevegen 1

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