Simploring 2019 (79) otter lake region

For my simploring tour on Sunday, June 30th, I picked “otter lake region” from SL Destinations.

otter lake region is an adult homestead, created, designed and owned by sharon Hinterland. Sharon’s passion is landscaping and otter lake region could be her masterpiece. It is a perfectly designed piece of Canada. The landmark’s description invites exploring it: “a tranquil place to rest or take pictures all are welcome feel free to explore all areas of the sim including homes

otter lake Region – overview

The landing point is at a pier where you could also fuel your boat, hence it feels as if you arrived there with your boat. Close by is a lighthouse and of course I visited it first. The lighthouse is furnished like all other houses at otter lake region. I recommend to have a look into all houses as each of them has it’s own style and everything inside is selected with great care.

Impressions of otter lake region (1)

Exploring otter lake region is fun. The whole sim looks very natural. There are stairs and trails that you can follow and every corner of the sim is well used and thoughtfully designed. The landing point and the lighthouse are seperated from the rest of the sim by a creek. On the top of the main island is the lake, the otter lake.

Impressions of otter lake region (2)

Along your way you find countless places to rest or to sit and cuddle and to enjoy the nature. One side of otter lake region has a large beach. The views around the lake are beautiful and there’s also a large observation deck, where I sat and enjoyed the view. I think my pictures do tell a lot more than I could describe with words.

Impressions of otter lake region (3)

Impressions of otter lake region (4)

I personally ended my simploring tour at the farm. Again that is a lovely spot and you can even hear the bees humming when you get close to the beehive. From the farm leads a road into the forest and up to the lake and the vegetation along the road made me feel like being in Canada.

Impressions of otter lake region (5)

otter lake region is another example of what is possible in Second Life. It is amazing what Sharon could realize on a homestead with it’s limited ressources. And to my surprise the textures loaded quite quickly so that I could fully immerse myself into this beautiful environment. Thank you very much, Sharon,  for creating otter lake region and for sharing it with the public. I had a great time.

Landmark to otter lake region

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