Diary 2019 (110) July 24th Submitted (I)

We had a quite uneventful Wednesday night on July 24th. slave Flo and Angelique were inworld and as the day was very hot in RL and temperatures didn’t really go down at night, none was up for playing and Mistress proposed to play skipee as teams. We had two rounds and both times Angelique and I won. And that’s it almost about Wednesday night.

What is missing is that I had a longer chat with Mistress. I’m still in the midst of a red light and although nothing spectacular happened so far this red light brought me again one step deeper into my submission to Mistress Jenny already. I’m addicted not only to licking and tasting her but even more to please her. I crave to please her. I notice how respectfully I act although she does’nt force me nor punish me nor push me. Mistress simply doesn’t have to, as she’s in control and I can sense how much Mistress is enjoying this control. My submission to Mistress Jenny gets deeper and deeper and the invisible ties become stronger and stronger and more unbreakable .. slowly but contineously .. inexorably.

July 24th: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita at home

After the game, Mistress Jenny and I went back to our skybox. I was allowed to lick Mistress and to get my fix. Mistress unlocked the plug as she is away on a short trip in RL the next days and won’t be inworld often. The red light is still ongoing though.

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